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January 27, 2011


Man sues over inability to 'urinate on demand'

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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A valid medical point.
I never knew my father suffered from this problem until he had hernia surgery.
The nurse told us he couldn't go home until he peed.
Unfortunately, knowing the nurse was just outside the door put him in lockdown for over an hour.

At my age, I can pee on demand, or even at the sound of water running... But I'm a mother... This is clearly sexist-ageism!

I did a lot of drug screening in the ER. I also handled workers compensation claims for a couple of companies in this area all of which required a drug screen for an on the job accident. I had one guy drink 4, 20 oz. cokes and about 1/2 gallon of water claiming he couldn't go. I told him I could wait. What goes in eventually comes out. I finally got my specimen after 3 hours and when he left to go home that was the last time the company saw him. We found out a few days later it was positive for cocaine. He thought if he drank enough it would dilute it out of his system. That doesn't work, btw.

So if he can't "urinate on demand" does he have any control of the situation at all?


(he wears 'em.)

I too have a bashful bladder, but I do have a rather gregarious colon!

this is news? who can really give a sh!t

"Urinate on demand" - is that like "Pay-Per-Pee"?



Remember the Whizzinator? Mebbe he should try that ... for "help" ...

I have found the perfect cure for this. 5 or 6 beers and I could pee in front of a crowd. Actually couldn't stop it if I wanted too.

Nurse Cindy,

I'm surprised he didn't die from water intoxicaton. OK, I don't actually know how much someone has to drink for that, but it still sounds like too much.

A very pee-culiar situation.

I mentioned that to him, Kristina L but it takes a lot of water to die from that. If he had come back to work all we would have done was put him in a company paid rehab program. He would have kept his job however would have had to stay drug free and be subject to random drug screens for a year. Since this particular company was a large truck production plant you really don't want drug abusers putting them together.

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