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January 25, 2011


Somebody left a piano on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay.



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"Pianos don't grow old gracefully. They just wear out."

Like a Kardashian?

A piano on a sand bar beats a volkswagen on the roof.

Who knew dolphins could play piano!

(Or maybe the octopus played while the dolphins danced.)

The only logical explanation is that aliens did it.

*goes to make tinfoil hat*

It's there to attract piano tunas.

Someone put up a "free to a good home" note on one of the community college e-mail systems and three or four people joined in having similar offers.

It was probably cheaper to dump an old piano in the bay than it was to haul it off. Kind of sad, but it makes me glad that I play a viola that is much easier to store for decades after its last use.


I bet Dave and Carl Hiaasen were involved.

I'm sure alcohol was not involved at all. Nope.

There's a lovely harbor in Maine where several years ago appeared on the sand bar a cast iron bath tub.

Probably left over from those Cialis commercials.

Someone should put a tip jar on top.

It would have made more sense to leave it in The Keys, no?

(*Snork @ NS*)

True, Meanie. Snork @ NotSherly also. My current sweetie is a piano tuna tuner so I will definitely pass that on to him. He'll love it. I originally hurt my back trying to move my old upright piano by myself. Maybe they should look at emergency rooms around the area.

I would make a joke about playing upright organs but I don't wish to die today so I won't.

*ducks anyway*

You mean like the streaker in church? He was caught by the organ.

*applauds notsherly & meanie*

note found on piano: 'Gone Chopin, (have Liszt), Bach in a Minuet'

"There's this one, particular, piano bar . . ."

someone left a WHALE of a movement....

It's a Steinwayoutinthebay.

So the perpetrator would be a seaman cum pianist?

A small, relatively obscure, cozy piano bar....
away from (most of) the noise and traffic...
how romantic!

My guess was a dream gone bad...this bar attracts the wrong kind of birds, IYKWIM.

To the tune of MacArthur Park...
Someone left a piano on the Biscayne sandbar,
I don't think they can move it anymore....

Discarded by Opporknockity?

It's a bummer there is a seagull on that piano.. But I guess that its better than crabs on your organ.

With friends like that, who needs anemones?

A helicopter shot of the piano showed that the soundboard wasn't present. The strings were still there. It's just a shell.

Anyone seen Billy Joel lately?

♫ It's all about sole, it's all about knowing when somebody's reeled in ♫

...so far and yet so near...

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