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January 24, 2011


Sled dogs.

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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The bikini snow angel video that follows is more fun than dogs sledding, although the pups do look like they're having fun.

I mentioned the squealing snow-angels in my email to Dave and judi. I figured it wouldn't be too long before one of our investigative blog boys found it. Shoulda put money on you to come in first, bonmot.

Check out the goats with tobaggans, too. Hilarious. I want a goat!

If you had a goat, would you gloat?

This is old, and I am pretty sure it's from Vermont. It's been on youtube for a couple of months.

I am a rabid dog lover...nonono...I don't mean I like rabid dogs.

But as as the owner of a series of golden retrievers, I found the dogs on the snow video hysterically funny, given that a few of my dogs exhibited similar behaviour, in the very rare instances that we actually had snow here in Vancouver.

The vid with the babes in the snow was great too...but then, I'm a guy...

Can somebody sue somebody over this esploitation of happy, cavorting dogs?


Definitely not huskies. The snow-angel ladies, I mean....


Esploitation is what Ricky did to Lucy.

Love those guys. They just look like they are having the greatest time.

Cool Dogs! Looks like they are on a black dogbone run.

There's something about a happy Lab face that I just adore....sorry to be so 'mushy.'

That was great!

Would not load for me.


So sweet! My Daisy looks a lot like those two labs. She loved the snow we had at Christmas and would run through it as fast as she could. A few days later it turned to ice and she, unknowingly, ran out into the yard and suddenly all four legs were going in different directions. A happy lab face will melt your heart. I can say "Hug" and she'll come up to me and put her head down on my lap. Sweet and smart.


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