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January 25, 2011


Archaeologists claim to have discovered remains of winged humans

(Thanks to Ted Gilman)


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Red Bull?

Nah, it's probably just a hoax to drum up interest for a new mall opening.

This civilization must have been the source of the song "I'll Fly Away".

Probably just a race of ancient turkey-f@#kers.

More refined analysis indicates that primitive TSA scanning techniques led to their demise.

PhD Ape?
I believe it was the WWN that predicted the end of the world several times.
Once was just before Christmas and the end was to be New Years Day.
My feeling was that someone in the Subscription Department was on the phone to the news desk yelling, "Shut Up! Shut Up! For the love of money, shut up!"

Let's see . . . the thirty day expedition ended Saturday, but already they've had time to perform extensive aerospace engineering on fossilized bones to determine the creatures could fly at 60 m.p.h.


I saw the movie...

Storyline: After receiving word about a mysterious winged skeleton unearthed in the Arizona desert, a father and his daughter decide to remove it from the burial grounds for further study.

I agree with Bonmot. I call B.S. on this one.

But the Weekly World News is such a reputable source......

Actually I used to have wings UNTIL I started drinking Red Bull...

Red Bull contains "natural hallucinogens" that will
cause you to imagine things that aren't real.

The wings fell off and I had a new problem...
too much caffeine and alcohol!

PS I am now alcohol (and wing) free. I still do 12-16 ounces of coffee daily, however, but it's store bought, not from Starbucks and has a smooth balance of chickory.

I guess now we know the origins of "Bat Boy"...

The WWN must be running out of ideas if they're recycling old stories.

Fallen angels. St. Peter finally got the results from his backlogged background checks.

Wings are such amazing things:
Wings on Flies!
(butt Never on Guys)
Wings on Chairs!
(butt Never on 'Pairs'...)

Turns out this was the former site of a Kentucky Fried Chicken and Monkeys. They figured it out when they dug up a cache of perfectly preserved sporks.

Thank you Sandy. I needed that "pairs" link for my mid-afternoon pick-me-up at my desk.

Oldfatguy just got back from checking calendar, nope, not April one yet. Someone jumped the gun to get in an early April fools??????

60 mph? Yeah, right - maybe IAS into a headwind.

I've never gotten over 40.

Scientology archeology. Tom Cruise, phone home. Your wings are back from the cleaners.

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