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January 25, 2011


It's cold.

(Thanks to Punkin)


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Well, it's not cold thanks to me, but we do have fun with it! ("Live Freezing and Die" is our winter motto)

By the way, Dave... NH officially reached "Colder than a Witchs' T!t" this week.

Now THAT'S cold!

In a brass brazier?

While ice fishing in Michigan, I have watched as ice covered the four-inch hole I had drilled in less than a minute. The line had to be physically cleared at least every two minutes because ice coating it as it was raised and lowered gave it the thickness of a candle.
Once, when my brother-in-law wasn't catching anything, he reached for a bottle of gin that happened, for some unknown reason, to be in his jacket pocket.
As a joke, he poured a little over the bait and sent it back down.
Suddenly the fish started biting!
Who knew that fish want something that makes them feel warmer?

I'm very glad I live where we remain mostly frosticle-free in the winter.

Punkin, put on
a shirt...


I saw a video on the news the other night where they tossed water out of a glass and it froze before hitting the ground. I think it was in Chicago.

The girl in Allen's link could never model for Victoria's Secret.

The science of it is sort of amazing in a simplistic sorta way, but whats with the "adult movie" soundtrack?? I've never knew soap could make me feel SO dirty!!

cindy, my son and I were boiling water and tossing it around like that when it was -15 up here. Great fun, but ya gotta be quick.

I would have tried blowing bubbles but I don't think I could have puckered at that temperature. At least not my lips.

When it's 15 degrees outside I stay inside by the fireplace. Too cold for me.

It wuz 32 degrees (above zero) on the bank sign today when I got home frum werk ... prolly warmer in mid-afternoon ...

Such is life here in the West River region of Nodak ...

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