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January 24, 2011


Cookeville police said a burglar left this note on an apartment bulletin board: "Eat more fish."

(Thanks to Wayne Wood)


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So... someone kicked in the door and only took booze, thirty bucks, and a Bible. And left a bizarre note?

Burglar, huh?

Alcohol definitely involved. Burglar optional.

He took the trifecta.

An occupational hazard for me is that I have about 150 books in my office, including two Bibles. I didn't mind when someone walked off with one of my Bibles, but I was really angry when someone took my AP Stylebook.

Definitely was not the Hamburglar.

The idiot stole a bible????

Don't even bother folks...the handbasket is full...

The Bible is often used to store important documents or cash

Not anymore.

Who knows, maybe he will read the Bible, there is something in there about it just ain't right to steal other peoples stuff. ????

I usually hide loaves and fishes in my hollowed-out bible. Oh, and $30.00.

Nice hint. I think I found his wanted poster.

The Cat Burglar strikes again.

You can hide more than cash and documents in a bible. Salvation lies within.

"Eat more fish"? So the Chick-Fil-A cows are branching out?

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