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January 26, 2011


5-foot Monitor lizard wanders Calif. neighborhood

(Thanks to Gael C.)


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Some headlines just don't even need a story.

"Ohhhh no
There goes Redondo
Oh poor Godzilla

Ohhhh no
They say he's gotta go
Oh poor Godzilla..."

"Godzilla - like"?

Perspective much?

It's probably a good day for the nieghbors to keep Spot and Muffy in the house.

He was just out monitoring the neighborhood.

I'm guessing that this outfit might need to be modified if used for this guy:


Maybe he's on his way to Taco Bell and took a wrong turn.

Any word from France?

She said she saw it and almost jumped back in her truck," said John Welsh, spokesman for Riverside County Animal Services.
Had it been me, there would have no 'almost' about it. I would have jumped back in the truck and hit the gas. Why do people have reptiles for pets? They're not cute or cuddly, unlike my chihuahuas and lab which are both.

I think Kimodo dragons can get twice the size of that lizard. They've been known to eat people.

I bet he got loose when he heard that the Fabulous Gourmet Club was having a meeting.

Yeah I don't know what intrigues people regarding reptiles anyway. I always liked the Croc Hunter (Steve Irwin) of course, a sting-ray got him. My cats are my pets and they stay indoors.


Bonmot, why didn't you tell me you were in town?

"Maybe it sleeps on a bean bag?"
Maybe it sleeps where ever it wants.

*SNORK* at AWBH!!!


Careful, Annie. Mothra is probably near.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen Larry, my pet leeezard lately.

Maybe he's in the lounge, lounging.

Jug Jug?

'lizard wandering streets'?

hmph. all we get are blizzards* around here....


Thank goodness it's warm enough in sunny SoCal for Monitor Lizards to roam the streets.

*throws snowball @ annie* ;P

You don't want to know what's lurking in the hall . . .

Ooh, look - my sunny aura melted your snowball. Sooooorry! ;p

*smacks* annie-where-the-sun-don't-shine

Annie and Sandy need to get a room...

Silly wiredog. It's way too nice outside to get a room.

Annie, we're bracing for another "cool" front here in Miami. Probably reaching the lower 70's!! Brrrrr!!!

*ducks incoming snowplow*

Oooh, brrrrrrr, Siouxie! To keep him warm, you should put Larry the Lizard in one of those nifty "Hand-job" gloves.

yeah, sometimes it gets down into the 40s (like, 49) overnight!

Good idea, Annie!! Wouldn't want to wake up to a stiff lizard.

judi!! I may need to get more wine!!! God only knows when we can venture out again.

Here's our version

Pointy collared shirt, gold chains and a really bad mullet would turn him into a typical lounge lizard. Wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

"Hey baby, what's your sssssssssssign?"

Meanwhile, back at the animal kennel, Gomez the chiwawa has not slept since the arrival of his new next door neighbor.

Somebody put a little gunslinger outfit on that lizard and point him toward the couple with the umpteen rats.

Monitors are related to Komodo Dragons, are carnivorous, and don't brush their teeth. So, it's not a good idea to be bitten by one.
As much as I like critters, I have never kept a reptile for a pet (except for the little Anole lizard my sister-in-law gave my daughter. "The lady at Walmart said it ate lettuce". False.)
The snakes that live in the basement of my wife's farm during the warm months are just uninvited guests who drop in for a free meal or to crash for the night.

Jar Jar, Selma? Jug Jug is a lizard with an L bra.

I had a Nile Monitor almost that big I raised from a baby. They have a nasty reputation, but it was pretty docile, and liked to wander around the floor to sit in sunny spots. It never bit me, and hissed only when I herded it back into its cage for the night.

I don't know about "cuddly," but I thought it was cute, and it didn't bark or have to be taken for walks, vet appointments, etc. Unfortunately, it didn't survive my house fire.

I hope this monitor's owner claims it, and the animal officer learns not to jump at shadows. It's too bad many people have reptile dysfunction; I'd rather deal with a lizard than a vicious dog any day.

Sorry about your lizard, Ralph. I don't understand peoples fascination with geckos. When we lived in the Philippines they were all over our windows and would make this clicking sound constantly which drove me crazy. Imagine my surprise when I saw them for sale at Pet Smart. On the other hand my daughter wanted a prairie dog for a pet and they were selling for around sixty dollars also at Pet Smart. Wyo Cowboy offered her sixty dollars if she would come round some up in his neck of the woods.

NC: A lot of it has to do with how you were raised. I was taught to be afraid of N.Y.C. traffic, not snakes and lizards.

Attention Floridians: Please warm up Tampa by ten degrees by February 19th. Thank you. 64* is not warm enough to sunbathe.

Hey, Guin, if you visit Tampa often, you may be interested to know I just happen to have an on-the-Gulf-beach condo for rent. Currently occupied through March, but for future reference...

NurseCindy, we had geckos on Okinawa -- cute harmless little critters, and they ate the mosquitoes. A pair that took up residence in our church got named Martin and Luther.

Richard, I was born in Okinawa at Ryukus Army Hospital in Uchitomari, Okinawa. Beautiful place isn't it? I guess I didn't like the geckos because of all the screaming. Not from the geckos but from my mother who was scared to death of them.

You bet, nursecindy, but the beauty was somewhat marred by the facts that a) the US DoD bases had all the good beaches and b) I went to the DoD high school (Kubasaki), a horribly regimented place with Quonset huts a loong bus ride away. (My parents were missionaries, not military.) This was late 60s. Oh, and the 100 degrees plus 100% humidity was always fun.

I went to DoD schools all the way until my senior year in high school because my dad was military. He was actually stationed at Kadena AFB in Okinawa. Quonset huts are nothing but ovens masquerading as buildings in that area and the P.I.
The schools are very regimented but you cannot beat the education you recieve. They also didn't put up with any cr@p. If you got in trouble at school your dad also got in trouble with the Base Commander. You didn't mess up twice. I hope to return to Okinawa someday and visit.

Yeah, Ralph, it's all in how you're raised. When I used to take my tarantula to my wife's school, the kids all wanted to pet her (the spider). Most times, the teacher was as far away as she could get, maybe the other side of the school.
My grandson calls all spiders "Spidery" and wants to pet them.

Strange. It's legal in California to own a monitor lizard, but illegal to own a ferret. Go figure.

I've spent a lot of time in Riverside. You ought to see their Merrimack lizards! The first time I spotted one, my hopes were sunk.

So, you can ferret out a monitor, but you can't monitor ferrets.

In the Seychelles I saw these translucent geckos that were catching fire-flies. You could see the glow in their stomachs until their gastric juices killed off the fire-flies. Weird seeing these geckos running around with glowing stomachs.

Hey Richard - sounds nice. We are just going to watch our son play baseball during the Big East/Big Ten spring training tournament so will only be there for a few days. :)

NC, did you notice what was going on when those Philippine geckos toe nails turned bright red?

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