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January 04, 2011


Beaver, correctly used, 'could save ecosystem', contends prof

(Thanks to Gregg Geil)


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I suspect he's already got a large federal grant, IYKWIM(AITYD).

Is there anything beaver's can't do? I also liked the article about women and gorillas being attracted to men in red. I disagree with lumping us ladies with gorillas but it was interesting.

*grooms insects out of nursecindy's back hair*

I thought that was interesting, too. Nursecindy. A bit frightening if you're a guy. You may attract a woman...or a gorilla. Quite the risky night at the club.

*grooms insects out of Punkin Poos's back hair*

Wow, I bow to Prof Melinda Daniels. I've never been able to use "forested riparian zones" and "beavers" in the same sentence. I've tried numerous times but never achieved this.

I'm not sure about the whole red gorilla thing, Cindy. You try convincing 800 pound gorilla that red paint will make it a chick magnet.

'... beavers will often act as unpaid maintenance crews.'

- til the quarterback retires, then they all want their dam reparation checks.

I have a silver-backed gorilla, but I doubt he would let me paint him red. Unless it was some of that edible paint, but he would confine the areas to be painted. Or is that TMI ??

OTOH, an incorrectly used beaver is just sad.

Women, gorillas likelier to have sex with men wearing red

In other words, if you're a man wearing red, you may attract a gorilla. Elon, you've been warned.

How, exactly, does one incorrectly use a beaver? Nevermind. Forget I asked.

Didn't Incorrectly Used Beavers just play at the civic cen... Oh wait, that was Incorrectly Used Beachballs. Never mind.

Don't worry, Annie. I wouldn't wear red to the zoo. Jeans only come in blue.

Lazee, don't laugh. An incorrectly used beaver is a dammed big problem.

*returns Meanie's Valentine's Day gift to Victoria's Secret*

I'd hate to see you get hurt again, Meanie.

Key quote: "Furry gobblers ideal in conditions of thick wood"

So, ya know... if you've got thick wood, you need to find yourself a beaver!

""... long ago there was beaver as far as the eye could see in North America. "

The start to a Charlie Sheen bedtime story...?

But how many guys know how to use a beaver correctly?

Exactly, Clankazoid.

"Beaver as far as the eye could see . . ."


'The River Discontinuum: Applying Beaver Modifications to Baseline Conditions for Restoration of Forested Headwaters'

...in a nutshell: 'Apply Beaver to Restore Wood'

^if your wood should last for more than 4 hours remove beaver

1. Incorrect use of beaver.

2. French beaver.

How exactly can these save ecosystems? In my experiences I have always found them to contribute warmth and moisture in the surrounding . . . (re-reads article) . . . oh, wait --

Leave it to the power of the beaver.

*smacks MShark with sausage from previous 'link'*

*SMACKS Sharkie*

Too much warmth and moisture can lead to a yeast infection fungus problem.

Beaver: "Hey, you guys think I could save an ecosystem someday?"
Eddie Haskell: "You couldn't save a dime, ya' little twerp!"
Wally: "Ah, quit givin' 'im the business, Eddie... He's just a goofy little kid!"

Paint your butt like a baboon and get in on some of that gorilla-girl 3 way action.

Siouxie, what type of tax break can we get for harboring an eco-friendly beaver?

"The treetrunk-gobbling varmints are apparently invaluable...."

1) Beavers don't gobble trunks; they eat bark.
2) The value is about $20 for a prime skin, which is hardly worth the effort it takes to procure and prepare it.
3) A beaver can do a great job in a forested riparian ecosystem, but also raise hell in suburbia. The situation is not black and white, even with the best sponsors.

Annie, not sure but it's probably part of the Bush tax cuts.

Bush cuts only shaved off a few dollars.

Go Green: Recycle those beaver shavings!

*Hi-5's my BFF!*

^5, Annie!!!

sandy, nothing wrong with trimming the bushdget.

siouxie: 'Brazilliant!'

Some painful cuts were proposed by Dick Cheney.

Annie, re: way up there^, that's why Dave always wears blue... Severe Gorilla Fear.

"Beaver, correctly used, 'could save ecosystem', contends prof"

That's why I have a compost pile in my pants.

Do you reckon Ulysses S. Grant ever made reference to "my large federal Grant"?

If thousands of beavers start raining from the skies, the end is nigh.

LOLLER @ much of the above commetary!

"Beaver, correctly used, 'could save ecosystem', contends prof"

... um ... this is ... "news" ... exactly, why?

Them biologically oriented folks have been sayin' this for eons ... um ... a LONG time ... it wuz an old sermon when I wuz in college, and that wuz in another century ... another millennium ...

OTOH ... savin' anythin' by judicious application of beaver would be ... um ... well ... um ...

Whut wuz the question?

Souxie and the EcoBeavers WBAGNFARB

Oops...SIouxie. *crawls back under car*

Try again ;P

Major *snork* @ Loudmouth

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