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January 24, 2011


What Paris Hilton would have looked like 2 million years ago

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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That's hot.

So...much the same, then.

And the intelligence has only gone down since.

Sorry about that [appropriate] word choice there.

Didn't she open for Devo?...

omg i am So NOT a H0M0

Posted by: paris

Probably not nearly as annoying then.

Would have smoked banana peels and thrown dung.

That sounds like my first try at college.

... a face that only a mother could love ...

I gotta wonder why someone wasted so much time for so little gain.

The Beverly Habilis..

I dunno, a little depilatory, coupla shots of Botox...

Sorry, I still have no desire to do her. Not that she's asking.

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