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January 26, 2011


Man Seeks Protection From Sex-Crazed Wife in Germany

(Thanks to Steve @ Secret Location and Rick Chandler)


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Bot seems to have disliked my comment, so I'll try again.

I'm skeptical of this whole story, because....

$ex-crazed + wife = oxymoron.

See if that works.

Sounds like he's got 99 problems but the wife aint one..

I guess the rest of the blog guys are online trying to buy tickets to Germany. A few may be attempting to swim to Germany.

Careful, people swimming to Germany.. There isn't a picture after all..

.. And they guy sounds like a real Deutsch bag..

Very true Sean. btw, Meanie just called from Greenland. I told him to take a right.

Maybe if she ordered him?

*Sets Yellow U-Boot course for the Rhine*

If she wants penetration, maybe she should hook up with this guy.

Has Hugh moved to Germany? I mean, he's at least 120 years old and he's marrying a teeny-bopper. Viagra can't be enough.

wouldn't that be a yellow submarine, meanie?

... um ... Ralph?

I'm wonderin' whut sorta "ammunition" those swords and knives use ... merely ... baffled ...

Ja, sandy.

Any of you remember Giancarlo Giannini and his role in Seven Beauties? Why do I get the feeling that this guy's wife works as a warden in an Italian jail.

Why are all the blog guys forming a line? Ya'll goin' somewheres?

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