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January 26, 2011


Valentine's Day is coming.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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*Snork! @ (and hard to argue with) "Better than nuthin'"*

Speaking as a typical man, if I could reach back in time and strangle St. Valentine, I wouldn't even ask for gloves.

I'm thinking most men would prefer this.

Coconuts the gloves are cheaper. However if you tell your sweetie you're going to give him some "Hand Jobs" for Valentines Day and then hand him these gloves you might want to have a box of tissues close by because he's gonna cry. (I thought it was a good idea to clarify what he would need the tissues for)

c'mon - everyone knows they much prefer a snowblower


(that's as close as im gonna get)

^i see coconuts thinks likewise ;)

What, what?? :)

Their tagline:

Better Than Nothin'.

The jokes just write themselves.

"Don't think of it as a job, honey . . ."

Oooh, weee does it come in a medium? Ha Ha Hand job better than nothing. Too funny

'...does it come in a medium?' -

theresa, that depends on how hard the 'job' is, & how long it takes to complete. at any rate these would come in handy.

Happy Valtrex Day!

Also, this.

...... nah.

These gloves would be great if you are a bird handler.. Especially for holding those nasty wood peckers.. And one in the hand is worth two in the bush, so they say..

Just don't get this, whatever you do.

I say don't get it.

The sound of one hand cramping...

"Beat it....just beat it..."

There's the rub. And a rough one at that.

Looks like the perfect gift for that lady that likes to slap herself silly.

*SMACKS* oneblankspace without the glove. ^5 for Siouxie and Meanie who think along the same lines.

I'm wonderin' if these are the gloves they use @ that meat market in SoCal ... y'know ... the one that has the delivery trucks that have signs on the back sayin', "You can't beat our meat" ...

As seen in Brett Favre's sexts?

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