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January 25, 2011


MTV's 'Jersey Shore' headed to Italy for upcoming fourth season

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias and Mark Schlesinger)


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At least we get them out of Jersey for a while.

Is this some form of cruel revenge by America, sending Snooki to Italy?!

Can we order a hit?

France immediately surrendered.

When they first see 'The Snook'
They'll say "Hey - Take a look:
That's a whore, eh?"

bon, I'm sure I can talk to my mafiosos and arrange a little surprise.

France not only surrendered, they left Europe completely.

If Fiat didn't own Chrysler I wouldn't be as worried. Later in the day I saw a news story about a star about to go supernova. I hope the stories aren't linked.

If we bail out Europe, will they keep them all?

Huh. "...new heights..." must not be anything close to what I thought it meant.

Hey, wait a minute, this may be good news!

...no, they may still escape.


Snooki will try to get a rise out of David. The Pope will excommunicate New Jersey.

FIAT owns Chrysler? As in "Fix it again, Tony?"

maybe the pope'll splash some holy water on her (shut-up-i-know-that's-rome)...heaven knows she's had enough Meat Water voided on her

I used to have a Fiat convertible. It was a multiple choice car. I could choose to use the headlights or use the windshield wipers but not at the same time. If I did the car would start smoking and stop. I learned where every hill in my town was because the only way I could start it was by going backwards and jump starting it. I once hit a german shepherd with it and I swear the car bounced backwards and the dog just looked at me in disgust and then walked away.

I had an 850 Spider. I thought FIAT meant Fix It Again Today. It was like a woman. When it was in the mood, it was wonderful. When it wasn't, it was worthless.

*SMACKS ken in sc on behalf of all blogettes*

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