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January 25, 2011


Firefighter uses mouth-to-snout to revive Chihuahua

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Completely off-topic, but Barry Manilow Dave Barry loves basketball.

After being revived, witness said the chihuahua got up, looked around, and said in a voice eerily like Cheech Marin's, said

"Carumba! Yo queiro Taco Bell!"

Don't try this in Washington State. You'll be arrested.

He was on his last legs? Mebbe he meant hind legs...

"All right, men... Who wants to save the pit bull ? "

Wait til the owner finds out it was the chihuahua that chewed through the electrical cord . . .

No doubt he learned this technique by making wiener dogs from balloons at parties.

An outstanding piece of archived history, wiredog! :) And he spins that ball so well on his finger....

The last chihuahua I met in person tried to attack a Golden Retriever and came close to biting me when I interferred. I didn't think the chihuahua's owners would appreciate it if the Retriever defended itself, especially since one bite from the Retriever could have probably bit off half of the chihuahua.

I've heard some of them are nice dogs, but that chihuahua was kinda scary.

No chihuahuas are nice dogs. They are loyal and protective, but they are not nice.

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