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December 16, 2010


You're talking Kardashians.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Now look what you've done, Dave. The ad I'm seeing on the right side of the blog:




Oh hell no. o_O

The finest body parts money can buy!

Bruce Jenner's eyes are screaming, "I won an Olympic gold medal! I was the world's greatest athlete! Now I am the clueless step-dad to this nest of vipers!"

insom, I think he's holding hands with Lamar.

Anyone else thinking Addams Family?

They have large breastages.

It's so hard to decide who is more annoying - the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or the Jersey Shore cast?

Shuffles onto geezer bus.

Aren't they all the same person, WVplantman?

good god....

Let's ruin their dresses! *cues mariah carey music*

When you're talking Kardashian you're talking class out the wazoo.

They're in Johannesburg this week, all 3 of them. Most people on this side of the Atlantic are saying WTF! Who are they and why do they think they're relevant

hm. boobs much?

and that midget to the right is just creepy.

Nothing says the holidays have arrived than a good air brushed photo . . . except maybe a bad airbrushed photo. I've seen more lifelike visions from Disney animatronics.

More curves that a grand prix.

that ^than


Looks like the Board of Directors of the Chicken Ranch...

( . )( . ) ( . ) ( . ) {.}{.} ( . )( . )....

'a car-crashian christmas e-card'

*snork* at sandy

Beatiful Sandy. And I knew the Board at the Chicken Ranch in LaGrange....they were far classier.

Merry Khristmas.


I agree with Frodo-olives (Sorry, but that's the way I always read his name!): How much tip and cab fare do you have to give to the madame before you "date" one of those women? Notice the big bouncer in the back on the stairs? Dead give-away.

here's proof

UGH - Like who gives a crap? Poor Bruce.

Annie - thought the same thing. Adams Family, only uglier. Anyone care to guess how much plastic surgery was involved?

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