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December 19, 2010


Man boards plane at IAH with loaded gun in carry-on

He must have had a sharp groin.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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So what, it's Houston. Everyone's packing.

Oooh, he forgot to put it in a one quart ziploc bag, didn't he?

We were lied to!

TSA doesn't mean Travel Security Agency. It means
Talentless Sideshow Annoyance.

It's okay for pilots to carry guns, isn't it? And
Federal Marshalls, also? So ever hear of a rogue pilot or rogue Marshall?

Those who trade freedom for security deserve neither.
attributed to Ben Franklin

Lets rip down these false security sideshows and
stuff up up the a*** of those who implimented this

But not one snowglobe has gotten through yet!

"I mean, this is not a small gun," Seif said. "It's a .40 caliber gun."

"There's nothing else in there. How can you miss it? You cannot miss it," Seif said.

TSA: "um, oops?"

Don't worry. TSA seized his nose hair clippers. We are totally safe.

If I flew, which I haven't since the mid '90s, I would be more worried about a passenger going off than a gun.

I agree with Funny Man. It's security Theater. We're forced to remove our shoes because one idiot wanna-be terrorist tried to light his laces, later, yet a loaded gun gets right through.

Just say no, folks! If we continue to act like sheep, pretty soon we will have no civil rights at all.

Not a fair test, really. It only looks like a gun if you're sober.

So ... the TSA messes up ... and the law-abidin' private citizen gets penalized with more stringent searches and pat-downs ...

Why am I not surprised ... ?

TSA - very sad. They're not even sure the new intrusive methods would have caught the underwear bomber. How about if they just let bomb-sniffing, gun-sniffing dogs wander around through the airport? Probably much safer.

I had a change of planes once in Amsterdam. I was bringing back some brass bottle openers as souvenirs. They were wrapped up into small rectangular packages. The way they overlapped on the x-ray looked exactly like the gun in the article. I looked at the X-ray and the security scanner. I knew he saw it and he knew I saw it. Fortunately, a quick hand search solved the mystery but my heart rate didn't come down until we were nearly to Canada.

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yeah. what infrared camera said.

Did anyone notice that this happenend last year? That shows you the quality of investigative journalism in Houston.

"A TSA spokesperson says the agency has conducted an investigation, saying remedial training was provided to the security officers involved in the incident. Advanced imaging technology and more stringent pat downs have also since been implemented."

I'd like to know how a pat-down (rub-down? copping a feel?) or the body scan (read: a stranger seeing all of my very personal regions) is going to help prevent a gun IN A BAG from getting through the airport.

Oh, come now, bonmot, it didn't BLEED, nobody actually shot it anyone, say in a bar or while an apartment complex was on fire or when hookers were being arrested. In Houston it only leads if it bleeds or causes a 3 alarm blaze.

I got pulled out of line at IAH security, barefoot, feet apart, hands at my side, not allowed to move while a TSA agent rifled my carry on until she found the tiny pair of nail clippers hung in the lining. Then she left me to pack it all back up again. I've also had my C-PAP tested for gun powder residue and explosives. It really would be laughable if it wasn't so damned stupid.

yea, but just try to get a blurred groin through and see what happens

Here's a novel idea. How about putting a bright orange Glock pistol on a lanyard in the overhead above the passengers right next to the Oxygen masks.

Maybe one for each three passengers.

That way, in the event of a terrorist attack, any of the aircrew could simply deploy the glocks into the laps of each row of passengers.

Yeah... lets bring democracy back to our skies! Once most of the passnters are armed, we could vote to go on to our scheduled destination... which is what we paid for to begin with.

Those voting to hijack the plane can be shot!

Fly the Polite Sky's of "AirGlock"! Where passengers get to where they are going and terrorists fly with "the other guys"...

I bet they made him take off his cowboy hat and big belt buckle before entering the metal detector.

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