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December 15, 2010


The good news is, the world will not end in 2012.

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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Wasn't something like this already blogged about here?


judi will be fired and then fed to the tigers forced to hold a tiger.

End of the world in 2011 is a real Entrepreneurial Opportunity!

Nine Month Party. Who's in?

You mean it's safe to buy green bananas again?

This could effect the 5/2011 polls for the 2012 election.

Both 2012 and 2011 are WORNG!

The (USofA) government owes us money, and so it can't happen until they pay their bills ...

... um ... nevermind ...

“I also stopped having as much contact with my in-laws.”

Do I detect a hidden motive here?

Jersey moron. It probably has to do with Snooki starting the summer drinking season around then.

Jersey? Cumberland is in Ohio or Kentucky. That's where their is anyway.

This is New Jersey. The world actually ended there several years ago.

Sometimes I wonder if God doesn't just want to reach down and slap the snot out of some people like this?

Whenever the date is, I need to know. I intend to use up every last bit of my liver and if it's going to be 2011 I need to pick up the pace.

He said: "Her and I share the same beliefs"?

I wasn't aware that lack of education counted as a belief.

Darn! There goes my next career, selling long-term life insurance.

I bow to you, oh master of the blog headline . . . .

Her and me think yer a smartypants.

"World will not end in 2012..."

...Roland Emmerich and Whitney Streiber hardest hit.

Silly stunts during Arbitrons. This concludes your peek behind (not much of) the curtain in radio land.

I think it's nice that he's giving his business to his dad -- even though it only has one customer left, and that customer is unhappy. Could be a clew!

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