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December 18, 2010


More people going nude

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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'Another case was that of an A*Star scholar and her Swedish schoolmate, who were fined the maximum $2,000 each after going on a nude jaunt'

hence, the A*Star is an ASStar

Whatever floats your boat!

You did blog this while nude, right, Dave?

And the fine is inversely proportional to the desirability of seeing the perpetrator nude.

Suzy Q you forgot to ask for a picture as proof.

Another form of Chinese torture

Singapore Airlines does manage to raise the bar.

More people going nude

That's because in this economy we can't afford clothes. Butt, it's okay, global warming will keep us from freezing to death.

Not far from Phuket. In latitude and attitude.

I don't think that you would see anyone in Michigan going nude because of global warming it's too cold out now. One could always play strip poker though.

Same in North Dakota. At least, not in the winter...

Global warming? We've yet to see it!

And eye-bleach stock has reached an all-time high.

What is this 'Global Warming' you speak of? We in North Carolina have barely been above freezing for the past 3 weeks and today it snowed again! I blame Al Gore.

Down here in Hetlenna we're at 42, but the humidity is 100% and it feels really nasty. I have 2 Border collies huddled up by the heater here after 20 minutes work.

Hmmm..Isn't this the country where the gov't won't let you chew gum outside your house? It takes REAL *****....I mean GUTS, to protest like that.
With any luck, this will replace guns in revolutions!!

Cudj, I hear nude caning is the next big thing there.

CIndy, it always seems cold in your state. I visited it last year, and you would think it would be warmer down south, but nope. Maybe God just hates Carolina.

Raining here all week in LA-adjacent, but we're as cozy as Snooki in a Snuggie.

It's all properly cold, but with no white stuff yet, here in SnookiLand.

Which is fine by me, given the slope of my driveway.

I'm on the beach in St. Augustine right now. It was about 80 yesterday and upper 70s today. I had the AC on in the car.
My wife, on her farm in Kentucky, says that every time an ice sheet slides off the roof, the dogs go crazy, probably thinking it's Santa.
I'm child-sitting my grandson, which is a LOT better in a warm place.

snooki's been voted off my island, so youse guys can keep huh, meanie

sandy, where do you live?

She can be the new garbage barge!

oh, me?

on a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong island,

(& i know meanie was not refering to moi)

((but takes away his chocolate bunny anyway))

Of course I was referring to that exemplar of charm and elegance, the stately and sophisticated Baroness von Snookington.

So if you just go half nude, is that $ 1,000 ?

Depends which half.

Penalty is charged by the pound, like a drug offense. The more you have, the more you pay.

Is that a chopstick in your hand or etc.

Maybe God just hates Carolina.
Posted by: Elon | December 18, 2010 at 07:13 PM

Elon, God loves Carolina. But I don't think He is too crazy about Duke or N.C. State.

There's a whole naked trend developing. Eye bleach by the drum.

Darn! The photos don't load for me....

PirateBoy, get down on your knees and thank your lucky stars the photos don't load for you. Speaking of naked people, Jeff Meyerson didn't have anything posted today.

Good morning, people of the blog.
*Sets out coffee and eggnog cookies*

You running dog of modern society!

I have no idea what that means, especially in Chinese.....

Please pass the EB......

*Jumps on last eggnog cookie*

Thanks, NS.

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