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December 17, 2010


Female Squirrels' Promiscuity Explained

(Thanks to Warren Anderson)


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I had a girlfriend like that once. I thought I felt the earth move when I kissed her, found out it was just guys lining up behind me.

Nympho Squirrels WBAGNFARB

Both sexes chase tail.

some squirls can NEVER get enough nuts

How do they know that a squirrel has a sexually-transmitted disease? Are there little tiny squirrel gynos? And you'd think the ground would be littered with their little prescription bottles, too.

In reading the caption on the second picture ("(A male red squirrel rests on a branch during a female mating chase.)") it occurs to me to wonder if there's a separate male mating season (NTTAWWT).

So girl squirrels, like Santa, only come once a year.

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