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December 18, 2010


Shoppers stunned as Easter candy shows up in stores

(Thanks to BillyJoeJimBob)


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WTFBBQ is going on in Denver?

Could be the next Sodom and Gomorrah. Watch the skies and if you have to ski, I would recommend staying out of Colorado.

And the Halloween costumes will be out next week.

(")_(") 0 0 00 0 00 0 0 00 0 0000

(take THAT, mr. blue!)

The other week I saw what I thought were chocolate bunnies at the supermarket. On further inspection, they were chocolate reindeer.

But these eggs leave no doubt. Actually, they do leave some doubt. Are they for Easter 2011, or Easter 2010?

I used to work for Fleming Foods at the whse that handled the candy sales. We'd get the Easter and Halloween candy back from the stores after the holiday had passed. It would take about six months for them to inventory and then, because it couldn't be sold as new candy, they'd give it away to the employees.

Every year, I would be passing out bunnies, eggs, and other such Easter candy for Halloween and come Easter, the kids would get ghosts, goblins, and the like.

I saw that in my local grocery store. I was confused: what happened to Valentine's Day? That's the next candy-infused holiday, not Easter.

Any excuse to bite the ears off of a chocolate bunny is alright with me.

What?! Well, I can get these under the tree, but how am I supposed to get my costume together in time to have the fireworks in the gravy ready when the turkey is done?

(Haasenpfeffer, anyone?)

| |____---__/"x\____


punkin's bunny

It's an evil ploy by the candy makers to make us 'sugar challenged' individuals even more miserable. btw, Easter is only 4 months away! October, December, and February are not fun months to be diabetic. I was the only kid in my group that got fruit and sugarless gum in my Easter Basket.

I mean, Christ isn't even born yet and we've already got him dead, buried and ressurectipated?

(Oh, and thanks for the bunny, Sandy. Yummy.)

oh, sure - Hoppy Christmas, punkin! Thought you'd enjoy a little snack in the handbasket.

And here's a bunny for meanie - not sure if he'll eat the ears first, tho...

(=' . '=)
( . )( . )

yeah, i know: coal for my easter basket again...
Shove over, punkin!

^ 'playboy' bunny ;)

You think that's bad, I saw a Christmas display in the drugstore this week. Christmas 2011.

No wonder every one is going around naked. No one knows what season to dress for anymore.

Oh, I guess it must be Hallowgivingmasvaleneaster again. Time sure flies.

The bunnies are multiplying.

The eggs were on display at my local grocery in Phoenix AZ too - I thought they were leftovers from LAST Easter, but those would be past their pull-date and unsaleable. I love Cadbury creme eggs, and they would fit nicely in the toes of the stockings - guess I'll have to go back and pick some up!

Wolfsong, Hallowgivingmasvaleneaster will be celebrated on July the 4th this year. Of course July the 4th will be on April the 12th.

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