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December 17, 2010


Danish politician calls for topless women to scare away immigrants

(Thanks to Rick and Jeff Meyerson)


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They could also use it as a tourism video to attract those of us who enjoy that kind of scenery.

and this would scare off terr'ists how? would they be using pics of topless 80 year olds? or maybe men who have, er, sprouted? logic here escapes me..

Wouldn't a Barry Manilow concert be more effective?

Boobs attract lovers not fighters. Beach Burkha Bingo. That would scare them off.

I support this project with both hands.

I bet if the governor of Arizona stood topless at the Mexican border, they'd all stay home!
Including legal residents of the state who just don't want to risk seeing that.

how 'bout a fat guy rippin' one? that would keep 'em away.

Hey, mud, are you applying for the job?

Gay male immigrants? NTTAWWT

eil, I've seen pictures of mud. He's not fat and in fact is sort of cute.

Does this involve Princess Leia?

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