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December 16, 2010


Police: Fried chicken, crowbar fly in beef between Akron brothers that was ignited by mom's bite of poultry

Key Excerpts:

Tony Morris reportedly admitted tossing the chicken, saying he was angry because he believed his brother took a bite of the chicken and placed it back in a frying pan.

According to reports, Tony Morris then grabbed a crowbar and charged after brother.

Thomas Morris ran outside, but slipped on the icy porch. He was then struck several times in the head and suffered a 3-inch laceration to his forehead. Eventually, he ran to a neighbor's home and grabbed a snow shovel, prompting Tony Morris to flee.

The mother, 57, who admitted she ate the chicken, called 911.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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So for the Mom, it was no blood no fowl?

cant wait to read what they do for christmas dinner.

Pure poultry in motion.

waiter, what's this crowbar fly doing in my beef?

Yum! Chicken tonight! I'll bring the crowbar...

First of all if you're visiting your mother you shouldn't be in separate rooms watching TV. Secondly, I'm so happy this didn't happen here in N.C.

Save the chicken!

--J. Child

Crowbar chicken. A southern delicacy.

I stand corrected. A MIDWESTERN delicacy.

More than likely beer can chicken.

Mother, Mother... There's too many .. of you cryin'..
Brother,brother, brother..That's my chicken fryin'..
You know I'm gonna find a way..
To solve this with my crowbar, here today..

I thought you were supposed to wake up in Camelot, not go grab a shovel.

Sounds to me like the Morris brothers may have a little extra crispy that night.

^BEEN a little extra crispy...^

Didn't Counting Crowbars open for someone?

Hi meanie. i guess the morris bros put the 'fun' in dysfunctional........

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