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December 17, 2010


Cops: Man Strips Naked in Cemetery to Photograph Spirits

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Photograph spirits or imbibe spirits?

I can sympathize with this guy. I learned from Harry Potter that if you're hanging around a cemetery with evil spirits, you're going to want your wand out and ready to use.

bwaaahhhhhhhaaaa. what other spirits, i wonder...

Why is there a surveillance camera on a cemetary? It's not like they're going anywhere.

Looking for gay spirits?

He was just doing some nude photograhpy, jeez.

Photographing bugs in a cemetary in the nude... If not for the security camera, who'da gnu? Are spirits naked, too?

eil: who gnude?

guess he liked the stiff competition

The suspect -- who has been charged with indecent exposure -- says some of his best images have been taken using bare skin as a background.

headlines in the local paper:
Photogragher charged with Indecent Expsoure? And he
was NAKED too!

Is it possible to strip unnaked ?

It's a plot, I say.

Creepy flashism.

It seems that spirits may have been involved.

Here's your picture - dressed, thankfully.

I'm still trying to figure how you pulled this off, cindy, when (ahem) some people sent it in three days ago.

*ducks flying machete*

Jeffrey Meyerson! Because it is almost Christmas I won't *SMACK* you.

Leave the poor guy alone. I hear his, ahem, spirit was sagging that night.

Siouxie, you wanna fluff cheer him up?

punkin i bet YOU could 'lift his spirits'

Nah, I just don't have the spirit in me.

Look! Twin orbs!
No, look again; he just straightened up.

If you're nude when nobody is watching, how is it "indecent exposure?"

I hope he gets off.

Maybe I should rephrase that....

I wonder if he was scared stiff?

I need some mind bleach........

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