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December 01, 2010


Last year, physicians in Denmark reported the case of a 66-year-old man who literally went blind in one eye every time he had an orgasm.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Your mama toldja.

Can somebody read me that article?

Mom was right? Who gnu?

'It could result from a vascular disturbance like amaurosis fugax'

'Amaurosis Fugax' WBAGNFADr.SeussCharacter

Simple solution: aim lower.

♫ She blinded me with tumescence. ♪

and *snork* @ random.

For Sandy:

Amaurosis Fugax tugged on his thing,
And quite merrily merrily continued to sing:
"There is no one here who's happier than I,
"Even though when I'm finished, I'll be blind in one eye."

And to random, a very simple but heartfelt snork.

Large snork at Random!

I had the same first thought as Sandy, but on second thought, wasn't Amaurosis Fugax on the third season of Donald Trump's show?

At 66, a little vision problem can be a lovesaver.

Whoever said "Love is blind?"

yay, scott!
*snorks* @ everyone's insightful posts - strokes of genius all ;)

Some mornings I wished I was blind in both eyes back in college.

I told you that you'd shoot your eye out!

--Ralphie's Mom

"Some mornings I wished I was blind in both eyes back in college." Guess what? I'm blind in both eyes and I TEACH at a college. What does that tell you?

One-eyed Jack?

That seems, sumhow, so ... appropriate?

I used to suffer from something similar. I would go blind until about a minute AFTER the orgasm. Bad timing.

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