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December 16, 2010


The Flint Journal reports the unidentified victim told police he was standing outside the store about 9 p.m. Monday when he heard a gunshot and felt a pain in his leg. The man, allegedly shot by a store clerk, then asked the clerk why he shot him but did not get a response.

The victim then entered the store and bought beer.

(Thanks to Alan Glenn)


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That's a rough neighborhood.

Keifer is now a QuickieMart clerk?

As a recovering convenience store clerk from Stop-and-Rob, I suspect there might be more to the story.

I wonder if they charged him extra for the shot.

You mean that perhaps the clerk was just returning fire, NMUA?

At least the guy kept his eye on the prize, so to speak, didn't lose sight of what was really important.

first shots on the house.
after that, you have to use your own bullets

snork @ Not My Usual Alias. We called ours the
Rip & Run

Well, beer is an excellent pain killer. Drink one can while you hold another cold one on the injury. Plus if you throw one at the guy who shot you, then beer is also a security device, although many people would find that wasteful.

Speaking of beer, what ever happened to that Finnish dude? Did he find justice?

He went back in to buy one of these.

I'll bet he bought a Colt .45.

I'm thinking that clerk has a future in marketing.

Mabye the clerk really was offering a revolver line of credit.

Shopper: "Where do you keep the Green Grenades?"

Clerk: *BLAM*

Why we love guys: they're dedicated to the task at hand.

It's good to see that kind of dedication to the mission. Most guys would have gone to the hospital first and them come back to buy the beer.

And the potential lawsuit may keep him supplied with beer for life.

If you've ever been to the emergency room you know how long the wait can be when they're busy. Getting a 6-pack gives you something to do while you're waiting. If a friend is waiting with you better get 12.

Doesn't everyone follow a shot with a beer chaser?

It was a great moment when I was watching COPS on Fox and in the background was a store I worked on an audit shift -- our euphemism for a store that was robbed.

Our goal was to make it easier and more effective to rob the gas station down the road.

If a convenience store clerk is wearing a windbreaker, he or she is probably packing.

NMUA - there's a gas station/convenience store here in Atlanta where the clerks are all packing, and the holsters are right out there on their hips for all the world to see.

I don't expect they have been held up since they started. They probably have not heard a harsh word, either.

The convenience store clerk mullet --
Long knife in front
small piece in the back

I miss my fixed blade, double-edged knife that had a pop down cover that activated with a button. It was great for opening boxes.

Sign in window of loquor store:

Free tourniquet with every purchase!

Sorry about my typo - I meant to spell "Lick her".

"an audit shift" - gotta love that one. Guy holds you up for 20 bucks, then you report his take to the police/insurance according to what's on your inventory shortage sheet.

"Um, yeah, he took 75 dollars, plus a box of Butterfingers, three packs of pantyhose, plus he busted up the Slurpee machine."

I probably typed up this story before, but one time I called for a timeout after working way, way too many straight double shifts. The supervisor called me at home and asked me to cover a shift for a robbery downtown.

"I'm off tonight, remember?" I said.
"Yeah, but the guy came back twice so far because he only got $20 each time," the supervisor responded.

As the nephew of two cops in that jurisdiction, I asked if an officer could stay around the corner and wait for the idiot to come back a third time to the locked doors. Sure enough, the guy showed up and complained that the store wasn't open for him to rob it to the detective that walked up to interview the person who matched the suspect's description.

It wasn't so much a case of being smarter than the perp, I knew that my uncles would kick my a$$ if I walked in to cover the shift and was the third person robbed.

Our goal was to make it easier and more effective to rob the gas station down the road.

Excellent, NMUA!

I don't have to outrun the lion, I just have to outrun you.

pad, your analysis is undoubtedly correct. I get a chuckle every week from the local crime news (and I'm sure the cops roll their eyes). Seems that in every apartment that is robbed there was $3,000 in cash just lying around. It's amazing more burglars aren't retired to Florida.

The convienence store at the edge of the small town I live in got robbed one time, the next day they had a 12 gauge under the counter. I found out when I went in to rent a movie and the woman behind the counter was bitching about how the thing was always in the way, then said "here, hold this for me" and handed it to me while she fished out the movie I wanted.

The man, allegedly shot by a store clerk, then asked the clerk why he shot him but did not get a response.

After four double shifts, fourteen bottles of 5 Hour
Energy Drink, and Listening to the Beatles "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" ...well, you do the math.

"here, hold this for me"

The phrase that almost magically almost always GUARANTEES trouble.

Kudo's to wingnut

PS Could we make that the "trademark"/catch-phrase of the blog?

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