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December 17, 2010


JANESVILLE, Minn. — A 26-year-old man thought he was doing a good deed when he gave a 70-year-old woman a ride to a Minnesota bank.

But police say the woman robbed the bank, and the man was her unsuspecting getaway driver.

(Thanks to Rich Klinzman)


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She's a Viking's season ticket holder and needed to buy clothes for Monday's game.

This once again illustrates that older folk are way more streetwise than youngsters

"What's with the sack? Are you paying rent in singles? Oh..."

"here, hold this for me" she said as she handed the
young good samaritan her gun, and disappeared with the cash as the police showed up...

young fools people often get caught holding the
bag....or gun...

"Grandma, what a big sack of money you have."

A regular Boy Scout/Wheelman

No good deed ever goes unpunished.

I'm not bad, I'm just overdrawn that way.

" Driving Miss Daisy " would have been SO much more interesting with this kind of story line.

The man told The Free Press of Mankato that he thought the woman, who rents an apartment from his mother, was going to the bank to withdraw cash to pay her rent.

She was, it just wasn't her cash.

Y'all should beware of Grandmas with Guns ... 'specially if yer in Minnesnowta ... they's a weird bunch over east there ...

He had to do it. She was going to whack him with her frying pan if he didn't.

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