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December 17, 2010


Authorities in Alabama said money seen flying from the windows of a vehicle led to the arrests of five men accused of bank robbery.

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)


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Isn't the point of robbing a bank to hold onto the money?

"The banknotes my friend are blowin' in the wind,
the banknotes are blowin' in the wind"

Travel tip: While in Alabama, keep your windows rolled up unless you want to grab some extra cash flying from the car in front of you.

OT a little//

True Sory: While visiting relatives in Alabama, I stayed at a nice, middle to upper class hotel.
There were only two floors and the place had maybe
200 rooms. I am disabled and used the elevator to
go up to my room, and sometimes (about half the time)to go down. On one such trip down, with a packed elevator (it was football weekend in a college town)..almost everyone but me seemed confused when the elevator opened on the lobby floor.

Maybe they were expecting more floors or waiting for the nonexistent "B" (basement) floor, but there
were only TWO floors. The hesitation to exit and
what I observed at breakfast made me feel like a
genius. (I am not.)

I sum up my observations as: It's Alabama. NTTAWWT.

Friend, some of your folding money's come unstove.

You're supposed to launder it first, then dry it.

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