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December 16, 2010


19 Pakistani girls stuffed themselves into a Smart Car over the weekend with all the doors  and windows  closed for ten seconds ("NOBODY FART!") to beat a group of Australians' previous record of 18 girls.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I think Nineteen Pakistani Girls opened for Miley Cyrus. Or maybe it was the Jonas Brothers.

Iran was trying to work on beating the record, but the Smart cars keep on spinning out of control and smashing into each other.

Sounds like a whole shwarma'v'em.

19? how did they do that? that smart car is teeny.

Sending this to my Baptist friends. Nobody is as narrow as them.

*huh, where did that hand basket come from?*

fivver: narrow, or narrow-minded?

They're beating us in Science and Math too!

If you want to set the record for most people stuffed in a trunk Mexicans can't be beat.

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