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December 19, 2010


This blog will be on vacation for the next week in a secret undisclosed remote location where they have very little Internet, and what Internet they do have they keep in a box and bring out only for special occasions. So blogging will be semi-nonexistent for a while. Have yourelves a merry little Christmas, and stay warm out there.



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Well, they do say you lose more heat from your head than any other bodypart...

Taking Walter with you?

This can only mean one thing: Dave is at the in-laws.

Are things going downhill again?

*Checks open fire for Walter's chestnuts*

Merry Christmas Dave!

Ahh. Time again for the annual Berry Family tax write-off at Vail-Aspen-Tellu-Creek? Have fun and watch out for those black diamond bar stools.

Why is Walter dressed up like judi?

Oh, wait. Those are earmuffs? I thought it was a wig.

Have a great time, Dave (and family).

HoHoHo Dave, Judi, Walter and Jack, DAMMIT.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Dave and family.
Looks like Walter slimmed down for the holidays. How does he do that?

Happy Holidays Dave & all. Poor Walter has goosebumps!

have yourselves a merry little chanukaamass. or christmakkah. whichever. hope tsa doesnt give walter a tough time getting on the plane, assuming you are flying......merry happy!

hmmm... looks like that might be a fireplace, so:

'Twas 6 days before christmas, the Barrys were leavin',
Holidays gettin' more hard to believe in...
Walter was HUNG by the chimney with care
In hopes that we bloggers still would be there...'

Merry Christmas Dave. Walter looks so cute in his attire.

Dave's leaving Miami for awhile??

Can we all come and stay at your place??

We promise not to cause trouble,and we'll be happy to walk Lucy..

Have your elves?? Hmmm...The Blogs are going to the North Pole!

Merry Christmaschannukah to you!

Walter's is looking quite dashing in his wintergear.



Bye, Dave! We'll keep the interwebs warm for ya.

'...Sioux with her 'chete
NotSherl with her nog
Will make sure we don't all
Fall asleep on the blog...'

So is Judi on duty?

Poor Walter! No wonder he has to stay at home. Can you imagine the poor TSA agent who would be forced to "inspect" him?

Happy Merry to Dave and family!!!

EB - dammit, you told. Party at Dave's is off, everyone.

(shhhh, not.)

...And Walter all decked in his holiday stuff,
a giant oosik in a tiny ear muff....

'When suddenly tash let us into the house,
Put the dog in the closet & threw out the mouse!'

Alcohol, of course, soon was involved
And all Bloglit brain cell(s) soon were dissolved

When what to our wondering eyes should appear:
Dave's books & columns, & a HUGE STASH of BEER!

oh my, how we tinkled - we drank & were merry!
(i nearly wet myself as i snorked @ dave barry)

I hate to break up the camaraderie here, but Christmas actually started as a celebration of whites trading hot dogs amongst each other.

No, wait...I may have that mixed up with Franksgiving. Never mind.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

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*moons camera* (_i_)

Walter remains Walter, even in the Florida cold.

Merry Christmas to Dave, Judi and to all the bloglits!


I don't care what Weingarten says, Dave's oosik is cuter than his.

Someone's been messing with the Christmas lights in LA again. This happened to my reindeer a few years ago. When my kids asked what the reindeer were doing, I told them they were playing 'reindeer games.'

On Dasher, and Dancer, and Comet and Walter

Happy holidays Dave and all.

* hopes Walter doesn't scan a blurred gr- .. wait a minute .. *

Oh, deer, Annie!

Dave, if you are flying you need to beware of this:

best quote: "I felt it when they started singing the carols"

And just to go along with that - as well as to give you all an ear worm that won't leave your head til after New Year's:

We probably all need a break. Gives us time to bone up on witty one liners.

I had spent all my evening, and then half the night
Assembling toys soon destroyed, by early daylight

I had used every swear, and drank every beer
The family had to suffer through my fits every year

I had just settled down for my long winters nap
Wondering how in the hell I would pay for this crap

When up on the roof there arose such a clatter
It would surely cave in if he'd been any fatter

*still trying to figure out what the f!ck infrared camera is yammering on about*

Merry Festivus to all just the same...!

Walter looks chilled to the bone.


Happy Merry Holidays, Barry Family!

I started to wonder where they got those cute tiny winter clothes. Sophie's Barbie ain't gonna be happy.


When pirates invade the business world...

/ OT

Have joy!

A 14 sec video translation of InfraCamera....
(or Jeff's favorite BBQ???) (NSFW)

Merry Christmas Week to Barrys & all! Keep *snorkin'* :)

Are we all looking at YouTube this morning? I found this vintage coffee commercial on there while looking for the old Coca Cola commercial. Blog guys, do NOT try this at home.

Well cindy, you know that back then they didn't have sex.

i guess walter has already boned up...

*snorks* @ sandy and wingnut.

Have fun in VI Dave and drink a few rums for me. (or twelve or thirty)

My money's on the Barry family headed for snow-infested country. And I bet they didn't take Walter.
Merry Happy Holidays one and all!

Is Dave going to Narnia?

((Now I'm snowed in and could never get to Miami anyway)) sulks..

Poor EB. I hope the Barry family is having a great time. Break a leg, Dave! (figuratively not literally you understand)

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