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December 16, 2010


Do not mess with them.

(Thanks to Libby Tidwell)


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I recall Mad Magazine's Don Martin had a specific sound effect for being hit in the face with a skillet:


Heh heh. Heh heh. You said "wang". Heh heh heh.

Next time he'll stay off her lawn.

Definitely the winner for Mug Shot of the Week.

I saw Granny With Skillet open for Dolly Parton.

You go Granny! Good for her! Maybe it knocked some sense into him.

Granny made that bad egg Sonny-side down!





woo-oo-oo (sirens)

splash (bucket of water)

wockety wockety wockety


It was probably an Acme pan. That frying pan to the head is my favorite cartoon sound effect. Konnnng.

I love the fact that she didn't let up until she had beat him unconscious, and maybe beyond that. He better be grateful his nads didn't end up in the frying pan.

True that, Wingnut. Don't you hate in in movies on TV shows where the heroine hits the bad guy over the head once and assumes that's good enough?

I'm always yelling at her to keep hitting him until he's unconscious and/or dead.

I think I'm going to go get that cast iron skillet I've been wanting.

We won't . . .

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