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December 17, 2010


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from bringing you the Cabinet Minister of the Week.

(Thanks to Warren Anderson)


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not the picture of the 'great white' i was expecting

great smile! wonder what he's thinking!

Thar she blows, Sexwale off the port bow.

I'd grin too if I were a sex whale.

He moved from being a jailed member of South Africa's Communist party to a billionaire in 10 years. Wouldn't you smile as well? Or maybe it's because he owns a wine farm.

If he is Minister of Human Settlements, is there a Minister of Nonhuman Settlements?

I'll bet a dude named Minister Sexwale was into way more than just Mvelaphanda Holdings, or any kind of handa Holdings.

The Sexwale be submergin'. Ready the harpoon, Ishmael. ARRRGGHH.

BTW the name is pronounced Sek-whal-e.

Wine farm?
When does the cabernet bloom?

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