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December 15, 2010


Some sharks can become invisible, study says

(Thanks to bonmot)


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The invisible sharks would be even cooler if the had lasers.

I'm not worried. Professional courtesy.

What's the big deal? I make myself invisible any time I see a guy with a bad comb over and lots of gold chains making a bee line for me across the dance floor.

[Unless he also has lasers. Chris is right, lasers can make anything cooler]

"the phantom hunter of the fjords" doesn't sound like much of a dancer

Has anyone seen Martinishark lately?

velvet belly lantern shark

There should be some kind of organization to prevent names like this. But I guess WWBAGNFARB may come into play.

Check the date on the invisible shark story - it's 7 months old.

Most men emit something else. It does not make us invisible but does clear the room.

We would have noticed the story earlier, but we were busy looking for our shark.

Congrats to bonmot for getting toasted posted. ;p

Sharky disappeared in plain sight.

Of course he can't dance - he's pining for the fjords!

Much like a teenager when you need them to help with something. Though with them you'd better look out for the bite.

Exactly, Wingnut. I was always amazed at how my daughters would get migraines exactly at the moment that supper was over and it was time to clean off the table and wash dishes. I finally stopped it by putting two Tylenols on their dinner plates so they could take them before they started to eat. Preventative medicine.

DPC - believe that would be frikkin' lasers.

I heard about a military base once where A-10 aircraft had the standard paint job, camo on top and light blue underneath. Because the sky is blue. Some general came through, decided light blue didn't look "military," and ordered the bottoms painted like the rest of the plane.

These are the people saying military discipline will fall apart if we repeal DADT.

gee that would make a great snl skit.
oh, wait.

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