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December 19, 2010


A Serbian man reportedly has become a hero in Egypt -- by accidentally killing a shark with his butt while drunk.

(Thanks to Alison McQuade)


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How do you say "Hold my beer and watch this" in Serbian?

I'm not sure, Bill. It's so nice to see rednecks are universal.

Just a sec...

I submitted the exact same item, with the exact same comment as Bill, 4 days ago.

So, "Bill" and "Alison," which ONE OF YOU IS ME!? Talk!

I wasn't going to say anything but.....Jeff Meyerson also sent this in. I know because he sent it to me yesterday after he sent it to Dave.

That's using the old noggin'.....wait, wait,
no it isn't.

He will never be the butt of jokes, however.

Maybe a new super-hero for Marvel? BUTT-MAN aka
SHark Killer.

Maybe he could go after another kinda shark that makes

Butt for the shark, there go I...

Check out the comments below the article, and then help me recalibrate the gullibility meter. Again.

Thanks, cindy.

The one I sent in had a picture too, and it quotes the buddy actually having him say "hold my beer and watch this."

here you go

*passes Meanie pliers and screwdrivers*

Clarification required: was HE drunk, or was it his butt?
I can remember a few times in the distant past when my butt hit the ground a lot more often than the rest of me. So I concluded it had the problem, not me.

Sorry, guys: this is a hoax http://www.carolinabeachtoday.com/2010/12/carolina-beach-today-busts-urban-legend.html

Dragan Stevic -->
Cadaver Sting
Vacant Dirges
I, Vacant Dregs

How do you jump off a diving board into a shark?

If this story is a hoax, then you're going to tell me that 24 was fake, right?

The ocean has diving boards? Hoo Gnu?

I KNEW it was fake. That's why I sent in a fake submission. HA! Fooled you all.

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