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December 16, 2010


Here you go.

(Thanks to Debby)


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The gift that keeps on giving.

I'm gonna wait for the twofer.

"We loved you so much, we bought the sperm on sale."

Off to great start.


Oh come all ye faithful...

Get that stuff away from me. My youngest just turned 16. My wife's already freaking out over anticipated empty nest syndrome, I am counting the months I have to survive to achieve freedom.

Wingnut, I think its your wife you've got to keep the "stuff" away from. I remember from health class I think.

Wingnut -- I've heard that true freedom is only achieved after all your kids have jobs and the dog dies.

Wingnut, I hate to tell you this but you will never have complete freedom again. Ever. For instance, my daughter called me at 5 am this morning to find out if it had snowed at my house and had school been called off. She lives 10 miles away from me, has been out of school for several years, and has her own TV. Yet, I'm always put on snow/ice/tornado watch. It didn't snow. We do have plenty of ice though.

Sperm, the gift that keeps giving.

Hey, mine includes a free applicator! And super deep discounts! We deliver!

^Hello. Yeah, I purchased one. That's right, I am returning seventeen.

Buy one, get one half off? But if the second is only half off, wouldn't the quality be off as well? You get what you pay for...

A half-off get off?

Dear Santa...

Sale on sloppy seconds?


Would there be a greater discount if twins wuz the result?

(pogo tooken my idea ... so ... I got nuthin' else ... OH!

FREE! FREE! ... um ... as WD sez, y'all get whut y'all pay for ... & I dunno many folks who'd want me to expand the gene pool ...

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