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December 16, 2010



(Thanks to Renaldo)


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A lot of similarities come to mind, but probably none that I should mention publicly...

You've got to be kidding.

Harry Carey could stimulate goats too. Also, beavers, but that was minor league.

'...and The Christmas Song by The Chipmonks brought it to a halt.'

However, 'The Chipmonks' are a favorite among lamas.

Udderly ridiculous.

We need to nip this kind of behavior in the bud.

The Chipmonks song has never been a favorite of mine either. I have been known to dance in the drivers seat though when the Mariah Carey song is played on the car radio. Not so much now that they're playing it at least every 15 minutes. I haven't noticed any untoward effects except people in other cars looking at me strangely.

I accidentally made a little milk just now.

Don't cry over it, Pannus.

What happens when they play Copacabana or Mandy ?

MOTW, they shoot themselves.

The goats' milk does, however, have a definite saccharin taste!

Of course she does. She's boer-ing.

AWBH, Boers are South African settlers of Dutch descent. Boars are hogs.

Yeah, Mot the Hoople'll be all over that.

"Breaker Morant" has always been one of my favorite movies.

*waits for Annie to come back and smack me*

*smacks pogo with my ABGA card.*

Would you get the same effect with Dolly Parton, maybe even a little more?

*slinks away from Annie*

pogo, don't you have border collies? You should've asked them about Boer goats. I'm sure they would know.

Mmmmmm. Cabrito . . .

Annie, apparently the ABGA has had some problems with breeders trying to use phony papers. Please keep us posted.

I read the phony papers each Sunday. The goats will just eat them, phony or real.

Maybe this would be a little more appropriate billy goaty type music.

Annie, so far the dogs have only dealt with sheep and cattle. I never saw the need to send them to goat school.

One of them has been studying computer science however, and informs me that the maximum number of sheep you can count is 32768, and then it rolls over and starts counting up from -32767. She thinks sheep should have been declared as a long. Damn geek dogs.

Goats aren't that smart. They'll produce more milk if you lower their payroll tax rate by 2% and offer them a few outrageous earmarks.

All I goat for Christmas is my two full teats
My two full teats
Yes, my two full teats
All I goat for Christmas is my two full teats
So I can swish a Merry Christmas


I assume she relaxes the goats by scaring away the chupacabras.

pogo, that was horrible.

Those goats probably have terrible taste.

Math is hard herd.

Pogo definitely has border collies because I remember once saying how smart he was and Annie told me it wasn't him on the blog, it was his border collies. That still cracks me up. o/t butt...I may not be blogging much. My kids got an early Christmas present this year. I have laryngitis so it will be difficult to make comments on the blog. I hate when I can't talk! And no, I will not come to any blog guys house and try to give it to their wives. (the laryngitis you pervs ) o/t

I see you there, N-Annie.

Cindy, what does talking have to do with blogging? Do you have one of those cool speech-to-text things? If so, you definitely have to try blogging. Nothing cheers you up when you have no voice quite like hearing what a computer thinks you are saying.

But maybe there is some medical connection between laryngitis and blogability. If only there was a nurse who could enlighten us. Blast!

Ever try to laugh with laryngitis? It hurts. You try to keep the giggle from hitting your sore throat, so it gets pushed elsewhere in your body, looking for a way out. Anxious to escape, the giggle pushes back. Reacting to the pain in your throat, you tighten various orifices, trapping the giggle even more. Your ears pop, your nose bulges, and the poor giggle remains desperately stuck. You're doubled over in pain, simply because somebody wrote a booger joke you couldn't handle.

It's very cool.

*serves annie some chicken soup*

(no, seriously!)

They tried that over here but it had the opposite effect, the milk soured. They found Michael Bublé works best. When they tried Justin Bieber the goats all cringed in a far corner of the pen.

Annie, when I read your link to ABGA you could've knocked me over with a feather.

* loves her some warm lemon-honey tea *

woops - that's nc who really needs the chicken soup - it's the least i can do for all those times she supplied my meds ;P

Annie, you mean like boogers the size of cornflakes?

Eh, I prefer the pain over the sorrow. Everyone is different, Annie.

Feel better, nc.

I hear Mariah Carey was asked to perform live by the
owner of a goat who claims the goat was raped and now wants the rapist to marry the goat!

I kidd you not! Details here

(Well, Mariah has not responded to media requests, so we aren't sure if she was contaced..)

My goats prefer Celine Dion. But whatever you do, don't play Streisand, Jay-Z or Lady Gaga. (There's no accounting for taste.)

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