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December 18, 2010


The Miss Barbie Venezuela 2010 Beauty Pageant.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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that is truly creepy

The apocalypse has been and gone.

slightly more plastic than the kardashians

The article talks about advancing to "Miss Barbie Universe". So, the nuttery isn't just in Venezuela, you would think? But Googling that term doesn't turn up any references to a "Miss Barbie X" contest for any other country X. Very odd...

You can tell they've all been Botoxed by their facial expressions.

I had two daughters, both now grown. They had Barbies, of course. But I had no real idea what they looked like because they (the dolls) always seemed to be naked, headless, and left where I would step on their little, pointy, uh, chests when I checked on the girls at bedtime.
Barbies come with heads?

The advance of technology has left the inhabitants of Earth with entirely too much time on their hands.

Oh lord a Barbie Doll beauty contest.

Love the fact that one of the guys in the audience is wearing a Hooters shirt. I thought men called them action figures.

I guess she wasn't a finalist...

If I win, I would use my influence to bring peace to all dollkind.... except maybe for that rotten little b!tch, Skipper.

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