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December 20, 2010


"It's like an opera," says Christopher O. Kidder, the director and co-writer. "You know what's happening because you already know the story."

(Thanks to Scott GrantSmith and The Perts)


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"it's no different than walking into a sports bar where everyone knows the score of the third game of the 1982 World Series."

Except, you know, that doesn't actually happen.



Do suthun Klingon's have an accent, y'all?

'scuse the unneeded apostrophe^

'scuse the unneeded hyphen. LOL!

God bless us, every nerd.

I'm almost afraid to ask... but, what do the Klingons do to Tiny Tin ?

Is this the first time the blog has used something from the Wall St. Journal? It should be a rich source of material.

Star Trek fans are not nerds. In fact if I remember correctly Judi is a Star Trek fan.

In this episode, nursecindy is wearing a red shirt.

scrooge is without honor...


oops - cloaking device was on

according to the video:
'There's a character based on Scrooge, only in Klingon his name is (pronounced) 'SQroodJa'...'

yep - if you paid for this they screwed 'ja all right.

*saves money for Peter & the Starcatcher*

Proof once more that we have run out of good stories, or good writers.

Carols and trees are replaced with drinking, fighting and mating rituals.

I so need to update my holiday traditions. Even the Airing of Grievances doesn't hold a candle to that.

Also, from a philological prespective, what happens when Mr. Okrand dies? Who is his linguistic executor?

He is the only one with the authority to do so. "I'm like the Academie Francaise of Klingon," he said

I'm sorry, DPC? Where should we hold the candle?

*snork* @ DPC:

- kind of a 'Klingdashian Khristmess'?

Annie -

| <--- Hold the candle here.

in the ferengi version of 'a christmas carol', scrooge is the hero!

Remember, Star Trek had Cardassians before there were Kardashians.

And a Klingon Tiny Tim would use a Bat'leth, not a crutch!

You are wick-ed, DPC.

Well, we should enjoy this post while we can, male bloggers. judi's in charge, so it's all naked firefighters and up-kilt photos until after the holidays.

YAY, JUDI!!!! Thought I would go nutz without a blog post... And, do you happen to know when they will include Klingon in the language curriculum in high school? I want to sign my grandkids up early!

I usually am wearing the red shirt unfortunately.

Can we put a Klingon nativity scene on public property or does that violate church and space?

^ and/or the separation thereof.

*APPLAUSE* for Cheesewiz for using the word "thereof."

cindy, I had to explain the significance* of a red-shirted Star Trek crew member to my college-aged son so he could get last Sunday's FoxTrot cartoon.

Lock the U.S.S. Geezerprise on a course for AARP Centauri, Mr. Sulu, warp factor 65! And get your hand off Chekhov's knee!

* or lack thereof

BTW, here's the FoxTrot cartoon I mentioned:


Did you know that "Klingon" comes from a remark made by a writer concerning the way the women always seemed to cling on to Kirk?

Not really, I made that up.

"Lock the U.S.S. Geezerprise on a course for AARP Centauri, Mr. Sulu, warp factor 65! And get your hand off Chekhov's knee!"

Major snorkage for padraig.

If you're gonna have a nativity, at least have it be functional.


I still remember when Frasier's speech at his son's Bar Mitzvah was all in Klingon.

*climbs onboard the geezer bus*

I saw that cartoon in the paper yesterday padraig and loved it. My kids didn't know what it meant either until I explained it to them. I thought I had raised them better than that.

Really, I think the bar mitzvah money would have been better spent on a Klingon adulthood ritual. Fewer animals to sacrifice, for one thing.

It is disturbing to realize how familiar certain bloggers are with Star Trek minutiae.

Dammit Annie. We're Dave Trekkie bloggers, not ... ummm.... something we're not.

The red shirt thing was a big deal at one point. I can't remember exactly when, maybe when I was in college and subscribed to some Star Trek listservs?

Speaking of red shirts...

Most illogical, judi.

Geek judi-style.

Annie said "minutiae".

This is scary on so many levels. And I'm proud to say I have no idea what the red shirt thing is and didn't know until now that comic was a Star Trek reference.

Red Shirt = DOOM

Climbing aboard the Geezerprise.......

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