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December 16, 2010


SEGA's New Urinal-Based Gaming Interface Lets You Pee for Points

(Thanks to Greg Snow and Mark Amundsen)


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Ninety-year old guy goes to his pharmacist with a prescription for Viagra. Then he asks the guy to cut each pill into thirds.

The pharmacist gives him the fish eye, and old man says, "Oh, they're not for sex. I just want it to stick out far enough so I don't pee on my shoes."

All this courtesy of the White House Office of Science and technology ^R & D.


I wouldn't buy it; looking at the photo, it apparently turns you into a porcelin cherub when you play.

You guys have all the fun!

there's a crapp for that

Must be Sega's answer to the Wii

A case of beer, some comfortable shoes, and I am there.

Bon, I was in a local business not too long ago when an old farmer, out of the blue, with 3 women standing right there said "I just want enough Viagra so I don't dribble on my shoes." Took a while to get my heart rate down from that one.

In America this contest would be for distance, not accuracy.

First person shooter pissing contest. Seems like volume (instead of distance) would be needed to win.

It just scares the sh$t out of me to think of guys asking other guys if, "you want to go to the bathroom with me?".

Oh, and a wide stance helps you aim better.

The low cost alternative is to leave a target t*rd in the toilet and see if you can sink it.

There really is an app for that.

Not good when you pee in your points.

Konky Dong?

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