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November 19, 2010


A Southeast Portland woman who wanted to warm up cold cans of aerosol spray paint put them in her oven.

(Thanks to Jeff Brown)


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Krylon space project. The color of stupid.

Sprinkle with shredded cheddar for a delicious aerosol paint treat that even the kids will love!

Instant graphitti treats!

they did this on mythbusters and they had to like crank the oven to 350 and leave the cans in there for a while too - i mean it wasn't easy. this lady is a special kind of special.

I don't want to know how she dries her pets. I viusalize the transporter scene from GALAXY QUEST.

UPDATE: Krylon is releasing it's new 'BLEVE' Holiday line: Baste your turkey, paint your entire kitchen in autumnal hues & add that new skylight you've always wanted, all while giving your home that 'Faux Feast' finish.

But not mentioned was the fact that she nows has a very festive oven.

She's now a Blazers BLEVEr

UPDATE: Christmas Colors now available!
Toss one in with your glowing yule log - let the entire neighborhood know "We BLEVE!"

"I BLEVE I'll have some firefighters."

oy. that is a special kinda dummass. coulda beena darwin if it was a better ka-boom.

I just know this will be a "remake" session on HGTV.
And my wife will watch it.

A friend of mine was going out on a research ship but had to wait several days for it to arrive. When it got to port, he learned why the delay. The ship ran into rough seas, everything was fastened down, and the cook found a big can of beans still loose in the galley, so rather than unlock a cabinet, he just tossed it into the oven (you are all sharp enough to see where this is going!)

When the weather calmed down, someone went to the galley to whip up a midnight snack. He turned on the oven. In due course the can exploded, blasting the door off the stove and hitting the guy, breaking his leg. So the ship had to put in to the nearest port to get the guy to a hospital.

The best part is the way my friend described the aftermath: you could go to any screw in the galley and scrape baked bean out of the slot.

A microwave can do this much faster.

You can't have your kayak and heat it, too.

Besides the stupidity of the deed, why would you want to heat up spray paint in the first place? You wanted a warmer color palette on your walls?


I keep the cans of dog food on top of a spare fridge in the garage, guys can never have enough fridge space, one of the cans had a pinhole which caused the food to go bad. We were sleeping in our bedroom which is above the garage when we heard an almighty bang and felt something hitting the floor of the bedroom. The entire garage was full of rotting dog food, both cars, all my tools, storage boxes, everything. The can had swollen into a ball and had exploded. There was a mark on the ceiling of the garage where it had hit with the force of a 5 lb hammer. Luckily the floor of the bedroom is reinforced concrete.

Mot, please be careful at the store. It was the same woman. While looking for the spray paint she stuffed a can of dog food in her oven. I think it was her IUD that poked a little hole in it. Was is beef, chicken or tuna flavored?

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