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November 21, 2010


Drivers who successfully pass through the DUI checkpoint may be given a turkey that has been donated by businesses, private persons, and members of the Salinas Police Department.

(Thanks to Lori Karns)


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The Annual Turkey & DUI Checkpoint?


I bet it's more fun than a TSI patdown.

You just know someone's going to ask if they can have Wild Turkey instead.

Why does this remind me of the Andy Griffith Show where Barney gave out of towners jars of Aunt Bee's kerosene cucumber?

Now Kerosene Cucumber WBAGNFARB!

How's this gonna work if you've had some to drink but can pass the test? Can you at least get a drumstick?

So what do vegetarians do?

I'm sure this is well-intentioned, but sometimes rewarding people for doing what they're supposed to be doing gets on my nerves.

To protect and to serve. No seconds.

Officer: Sir, didn't I just see you here a few minutes ago?

Mr. Jones: Yes, and I passed. But I think I might have
drunk a six pack. better check me again.

Officer: I gave you the bird! Now get outta here before I arrest you!

Mr. Jones drives off, flipping the officer then bird.
The police surround him and beat him to a pulp.

The spirit of givin' in action...in Salinas!

Salinas is close to San Jose. Maybe we could lend them some of the 1000 homeless rats to give away also.

(permanently lend them)

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