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November 24, 2010



(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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What a weasel. I hope she sat on a claw....or some velcro.

I wonder if it's the same crew that was stuffing liquor bottles down their pants not too long ago.

I have enough trouble getting myself in my pants. How the hell do you stuff a whole coat in there?

"Thanks for the mink, honey, but is it supposed to smell like fish?"

But when stuffing furs down your pants is illegal, only criminals will be able to stuff fur down their pants.....I'm not sure where I was going with this....

Are any of those made from beaver pelts?

I don't understand how they did this. Even at Walmart the $50.00 digital cameras are locked to the shelf. Most stores I've been in that sell furs also have them locked to a clothes rack with one of those security ropes. In fact I was at a store with mother-in-law and her friend once and the friend tripped over one of those security thingies and broke her leg. So how did they get past that to steal the furs?

A furtive attempt: she tried to snatch 'em but muffed it.

*snork* @ sandy.

NurseCindy, maybe they brought in something to cut the security ropes? I don't know.

*double snork* for sandy

"...its second fur store theft in a week...."
Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I think at that point it would be called a "merkin". (Look it up.)

I looked it up ScottMGS. I think you're right. I never dreamed there was a thing like that!

The anti-Brazilian.

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