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November 24, 2010


A sarcasm punctuation mark.

(Thanks bonmot)


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Not to be confused with "sarchasm", which is the gulf between sarcastic wit and those who don't get it.

I'm still waiting for the interrobang on my computer.

Why, how wonderful!

sarcoma*: a more extreme condition to what bonmot said

*not to be confused with 'sarcomma', which
WBAGNFA snarkastic puncuation mark

Something like <Sarcasm>Yeah, right. </Sarcasm>

We are already paying for the period.

Because there is not enough sarcasm in the world?

Would make more sense for this blog to have a special mark meaning "this is not sarcasm." Not that it would get used much. A lot of our posts could be done with nothing but the "sarcasm mark."

I like "snarkastic". I may steal that.

^...bonmot said, sardonically


Frequently it will be mistaken for the Ironicle.

I wasn't anywhere near sardines, Sandy.

Only $1.99? Can I get it giftwrapped?

It might not work for a rock band, but would Sarcasm Mark be a good name for a jazz combo?

I don't get it -- what's the big deal about Sark chasms?

Snarkadelic, Baby!

How about the smartass mark. (_)(_)

Apparently, this is available for free on a limited time offer. But. I downloaded it (works with Windows, probably Mac, but not with many email programs), and it made EVERYTHING slow. I deleted the program.

I would say what a wonderful idea this is, but I haven't installed the program yet.

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