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November 24, 2010


A Swedish high school principal said he sees "nothing wrong" with a video featuring nude students at a farm.

Peter Gustavsson Natural Resource Use Program high school in Stromma, defended the video of nude students riding tractors and performing other farm duties on school grounds, The Local reported Tuesday.

The video, which ensures no genitals or female nipples actually ever appear on screen, was created by the students as a promotion for their annual cabaret night.

"This kind of thing happens all the time," Gustavsson said. "There's nothing wrong with being naked. That's still allowed."

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"I think the film is rather nice, actually. No one is drunk; there is no alcohol, no drugs."

Quite right, the alcohol only happens on cabernet night.

I need to move to Sweden...

Ok, but... gasp!... at a farm???

Two things I see wrong with it. One, I'm a farmer and from a safety standpoint it's a real bad idea. If I worked naked I wouldn't have many extremities left. Two, WHERE'S THE LINK TO THE DAMN VIDEO!

If their feet are "neked", isn't there a potental problem of contacting worms from fertilized ground ?

*Goes off to invent a time machine so that I can go do high school again, but this time in Sweden...*

Hey, SOMEONE's got to look after the melons . . .

See ya. Gotta go plow some furrows.

I know someone who could use a good tilling.

Sweden? Bet those nudes were positively crinkly.

I can't find the linky. Does that mean no nudes is good nudes?

They're using their natural resources -- why all the kerfuffle?

Bet they were singing ABBA.

Oh, What a beautiful morning
And the corncob is high as a Swedish girl's eye.

God bless Amer...Sweden.

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