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November 22, 2010


A Newfoundland man wants to market iceberg water.

Key Selling Point: "It is so tasteless that it actually creates a taste. The tastelessness is its own taste. It's like drinking air."

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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"Gourmet" tasteless water at $10 a bottle?

I don't see how it can fail, at least on the Upper West Side among a certain group of pretentious fools of "gourmets."

sherly a sinking venture of titanic proportions

He made iceberg beer too, Dave!

Best served with tasteless food.

i'm tasteless! (or so i've been told)

Reminds me of the classic Doctor Who episode where highfalutin' art snobs John Cleese and Eleanor Bron see the TARDIS and assume it's an exhibit. They discuss the function of the sublime colours of the redundant TARDIS: "It has an afunctionalism, divorced from its function as a piece of art. It has no call to be here but the art lies in the fact that it is here."

The Doctor and Romana go inside the TARDIS and it vanishes. The man and woman think it is "absolutely exquisite." They don't seem to be commenting on the vanishing.

"The tastelessness is its own taste."

Not the first time that marketing idea has been used. That would explain Jersey Shore, the Kardashian sisters, and much else of pop culture, no?

Hey people, I've got some ice berg water I can sell you cheaper - say $8.50*. Send your money to NotSherly and I'll get you a bottle of water. Indicate whether you want Arctic or Antarctic berg H2O, or buy both and compare.

*shipping and handling charges extra. All rights reserved. Other restrictions may apply. Not liable for proof of origin. Management reserves the right to substitute materials of comparable chemical compound. Offer void where prohibited by law. Act now.

Sooooo stupid! If he tells people it tastes like air then won't people just avoid wasting their money and buy a bottle of air instead? Morons . . .

Martini, he thought of that. That's why he sells 10$ bottles of air, too.

Where's he gittin' a decent bottle of wine for $10?

"It goes to eleven. It's like ten, but it's one more . . . You just doan git it, do you?"

Tastes .... er .....
Less .... um .....

100 bottles of air on the wall, a hundred bottles of air. You take one down and pass it around, a hundred bottles of air on the wall.

There are many varieties of bottled glacier water available, if you want to taste ice before it calves.

I tried one in Nunavut. It tasted like water, not air.

The next step is water from the rings of Uranus. Would anyone like to buy stock?

Purity? What about latent puffin and/or polar bear poop?

Like drinking air?

So ... has he tried breathing this water?

"Lite" beer?

Hey, this isn't really Mountain Dew.

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