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November 23, 2010


DOD tries to uncover secret of flying snakes

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)

Update: Flying snakes' secret revealed

That was quick.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)

Update: RussellMc sends this link and notes, chillingly, that "they don't even need a plane any more."


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they can be fatal to a Gecko."

Bet they get a very special insurance discount.

Makes squirrels seem kind of tame by comparison. I start seeing snakes jumping around from tree to tree and I'm either going to stop drinking or drink a lot more, I'm not sure which

I believe the Yikes Force is the primary factor involved in flying snakes.

Proving once again that DARPA is simply bad-ass.

Herpetodynamics could be a whole new field of engineering.

"Mr. Jackson. Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, please call your agent."

I'll be locked in the closet if anyone needs me.


I have over 30 trees in my backyard. I'm deathly afraid of snakes. I saw one last year and I screamed so loud the neighbors came out to see if I was okay. One neighbor saw if and told me it was just a black snake and they were good to have around. No snake is good to have around. I think the snake died of a heart attack after I screamed. If they start flying around the trees I'm moving. Which reminds me. Would anyone like to come rake leaves? I have beer!

At a guess, that portion of the snake's body moving perpendicular to the direction of flight is flattened. This forms a variable partial venturi resulting in a lifting action as air pressure is minimized above the snake's body.
That portion of the body aligned with the forward motion would act as a stabilizer for the flight, governing angle of attack and direction of flight.
In other words, it glides.
But that's just a guess.

Allright, here's Nurse Cindy's dilemma for the day. Which is worse, have the black snake in the yard that eats mice (and rats), or have the cute little rodents getting in the house this winter.

I quit!

Very true wingnut. I guess if the snake promises to stay in the yard and do his job I'll leave him alone.

If I was closer I'd help you out, cindy. Piles of fallen leaves bring out the five year old in me.

Scientists are trying to gene-splice the flying snake's DNA into a python and a hippo. The first for science. The second just for fun.

nursecindy, the better option is to kill the snakes and adopt a couple of kitties - they'll deal with rodents.

Do the snakes get a pat-down from the TSA squirrels before they take off?

Secret of Flying Snake was a pretty good kung-fu

movie, but the Five Deadly Venoms was much better!!

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