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November 23, 2010


They kicked the automatic gearstick into drive, sending their car in to the freezing water of the Rhine river in Cologne.

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Allen at Division)


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He stormed the frontier, and plunged into the fertile German interior . . .

I'm guessing that there was significant shrinkage.

And a new verse for Watch on the Rhine.

Sink the Bismarck!

(Well, he tried to, at least.....)

"You the guy with the u-boat?" sounds much better when spoken as "Sie den Typ mit dem U-Boot?"

Cologne River? No need now for an air freshener I presume.

Siouxie told me that's why you get in the back seat.

nc - that's no guarantee you won't kick it into drive. Siouxie told me.

Foray Into Bondage WBAGNFARB, by the way.

Shoddy journalism - did he call her the next day?

Annie -- I think the status would be two ships passing at this point.

MTV's latest hit: Germany Shore

But they took the plunge together...was his thingy just a dinghy?

Vaguely related item.

was his thingy just a dinghy?

It certainly was once he hit the water.

A fun-loving pair from Cologne
Parked their car in an erogenous zone.
The result wasn't fine
They got dunked in the Rhine.
I'll bet they were chilled to the bone.

This is where chilled Rhine whine comes from.

*holds up a glass in toast to Ford79*

Next time put on the porking brake.

So she drives stick?

Sounds like he popped her clutch.

Sounds like he popped her clutch.

A couple of good, strong beers and he thought he might get into her panzer.

"Ramming speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anyone else now reading the Dizney banner ad at the top of this page as "Mickey's Christmas Panty"?

The German couple had planned to fly to the US for their honeymoon. But they decided that humping in a car and plunging into the freezing river was way less invasive than a TSA pat-down.

Not until you mentioned it, Annie. The 'r' and the 't' are too close together.

Audi get into such a mess? They need to Beemer careful.

Trystin' and Das Rhinecold.

But when they got out, did they smell nice?

Cologne usually smells nice.

More sloppy journalism -- what kind of car was it?

I bet she didn't know her boyfriend was shiftless....
but he choked in the clutch. He was lucky she didn't blow his...engine?

Remember that song from the late 70's: "He had four on the floor, and I was ready to clutch...."
(OK, Holiday Geezer bus pass to the first person who can ID that song. I remember the chorus, but that's about all)

PirateBoy those are lyrics from Butter Boy by Fanny. Betcha didn't think anyone would know that did you? I ♡ music.

I looked the rest of the lyrics up and they are not family friendly. Now gimme my Holiday Geezer bus pass!

She is a romantic heroine waiting for you to make the first move...to initiate so go for it. Men are men. Get down and gotta get up again.

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