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November 24, 2010


"We need more more Canadian sex stories," Tony Clement told an Ottawa crowd during a speech on the government's digital strategy.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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May not have been what he meant to say, but was he wrong?

Tell him to read the transcript from any hockey game -- very suggestive stuff:

He grabs his stick tightly . . . comes down from the point . . . slides his way into the crease . . . and listen to the yells as he scores!

Nothing succeeds like excess.

How aboot some 'Mounts' for those Mounties, eh?

Dear Penthouse: My brother and me were having some beers, ay, and we saw these twins, so we offered them some beers. One thing led to another and we had some more beers

Hammie, You forgot "You're not going to believe this, but..."

Consider the products any Canadian can find in his grocer's dairy:

1% m.f. chocolate milk /1% m.g. de lait lait au chocolat
2% m.f. milk / lait
3.6% m.f. whole milk / lait entier
10% m.f. half-and-half
38% m.f. whipping cream / crème à foueter

Well...that might explain why every other Nickelback song is about sex...

So the minister wants more rim jobs?

We need to keep active to keep warm up here.

And Hammie, the correct spelling is eh, not ay. If you make that mistake up here, you'll have to go to remedial Canadian classes, eh.


He's a man. He was thinking about sex.

Well it is our job to procreate, spread our genes and continue the species. Just doing what Mother Nature programmed us to do.

Go ahead, I'm all, or mostly, ears.

A Canadian sex story.

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