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November 24, 2010


Skinny women harmful for health

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Darn tootin' we are. 'Cuz we will slug you for calling us 'skinny.'

As a married man, I know that looking at skinny girls is harmful to MY health.

Sorry, I like my women with some "Scrawn" on 'em!

Yeah, curves are nice.

Sounds like slim evidence for this.

Redheaded Irish women are even more harmful to your health if they're mad at you. Skinny or not! Especially if you remark on one of their body parts in an unflattering way.

science learns how to make women feel bad about their bodies!!!

next week: fish + barrel + firearms = ?

Real women have curves. The best have guard rails.

In my experience, it's the Cuban women who are the most hazardous.

It isn't the woman; it's the mother-in-law.

Mothers-in-law are a whole separate species.

Hey fellas! Dangerous curves ahead! ;)

big butts are pleasing to my sight

Daumer said they can get caught in your throat.

Are these skinny photos responsible for the butt caulking epidemic?

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