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November 23, 2010


Miss Plastic 2010

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Do they get extra points for having plastic brains?

I prefer natural.

Miss Plastic hopeful has boobs so big they caused her to tip over? "Thank you, God." (Tip of the hat to Animal House)

Theoretically, with enough money and skill applied, I could win that contest.

OK, a real lot of money, but still.....

I'll be the first to say that there are cases where plastic surgery does a lot of good. Reconstructive surgery can be a life saver.
However, there are many cases where, say, liposuction results only in a reduced hat size.
Back before boob jobs, I dated a girl who stuffed her bra so much you could read the brand "Kleenex" across her chest.
Pretty face, but I knew better than to try for second base unless I had a cold at the time.

Their cups runneth over.

Surgically Enhanced Competitors WBAGNF the Academy Awards show.

You guys ever get whiplash when your view goes from the boobs to the face? Judging from the photo here, and from many LA-area encounters, plastic surgery may perk the unperky, butt it sure can't fix ugly. Woof!

What is this "face" you speak of??

Steve, at some point, the paper bag will rip, and you will turn to stone. But in the meantime, have fun.

The contestants now qualify for "Real Housewives of Budapest".

I agree, Annie. I guess they're hoping their boobs are so big that no one will look at their faces. *SMACKS* Steve.

The areole scars are the worst.

I'll take a *SMACK* from a pretty nurse any day...

One country's TSA Screener is another nation's Miss Plastic judge.

Don't knock yourself, bonmot. Next time don't go to a cheap surgeon.

They have faces?

*SMACKS* dog! BAD DOG!! Doghouse for you!

I agree, Annie. *woof*

Posted by: Siouxie, they're real and they're spectacular | November 23, 2010 at 01:07 PM

Where's the proof Siouxie? We want pictures!

Agree ladies - that plastic boob is uuuuuuugly. Need lots of beer....or two sacks.

*SMACKS* wiredog and ArcticAl. Shame, shame. Siouxie is not that type of girl ArcticAl.

The pageant theme song id

"O don't care if it's rainin' in the city
Long as I got my plastic...."

Merely curious if sum of 'em paid for their plastic with their plastic ...

... um ... this could go on forever, sorta like the half-life of plastic, eh?

Plastic Fantastic! Faces not so much.

♪ There they are,
Miss Synthetica ♫

- sung by Bert Porks

Ooooo, shinyjiggly.

The background music will be all Michael Jackson, the patron saint of plastic.

Dave, you're the best headline writer ever!

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