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November 19, 2010


Ohio Cops Arrest Notorious Serial Amish Buggy Exposer

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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the fiend!

English, thou art going to he##! At first I thought it was an Amish person in a buggy exposing himself.

No cindy, clearly he was exposing the Amish buggy to passersby.

Get me editing, stat!

When it says he was collared, it that a euphemism for something else?

Will his victims have to identify him in a loin-up?

Serial Amish Buggy Exposers WBAGNFA...I dunno, something.

They were only offended by him driving a car.

I thought Notorious Serial Amish Buggy Exposer was a rap star...

a mish-understanding: he was just looking for intercourse

Amish buggy driver: "Hey, it wasn't a big deal."

I mean, what did he think he was showing them? They may not have electricity, but they DO have penises!

Ugh...that would drive me buggy.

"Intercourse is a hub where many Amish and local folks do their business."

Outlying villages include Bird-in-Hand, Paradise and Mt. Joy. Winters must be long but fun.

Bill forgot another town very close to Intercourse - Blue Ball

So do Amish women have hand-cranked vibrators?

did he work for the TSA?

bonmot - have you taken a good look at a butter churn? Quaker pole dancing at its best.

Hiram Miller and Abraham Stoltzfus were going to establish Two-in-Bush just outside Bird-in-Hand but their wives objected. So they moved to Blue Ball, exposing their buggies all the way.

I live not far from where this happened. And believe me, the Amish girls who come into town on Saturday nights, change into their heathen clothes and party to the wee hours certainly saw NOTHING new from this guy.

Wood this make him the "Notorious B.U.G.?"

"Wood" heh,heh.
"Oh! You English have the tiniest woodies, you buggers."

Jas0n Morrison? I wonder if he's related to Jim.

Family members?

Lower'n a snake belly in a buggy rut.

There's something amish here.

Take away his driver's license; then he can only expose the universal serial bus as it passes by.

When I take 'em up the hill they really whine
(Giddy up giddy up 4.9)
They never get us there time
(Giddy up giddy up 4.9)
My five horse dual rein leg-in-traction 4.9
(4.9, 4.9, 4.9, 4.9)

BareDumbass fool.


"Morrison was booked Monday into the county jail and released after he posted $250 bond."

How much is that in bags of wool?

I think that's 3 bags of wool, JSG. *knocks on computer screen* Dave, you okay?

Is this a felony or a missdewiener ?

Clop clop clop BANG clop clop clop BANG clop clop clop BANG...

Amish drive-by shooting.
Sorry about that.

Thy shoofly is down and thee hast shortbread.

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