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November 22, 2010


Up for adoption: 1,000 rescued rats that now call San Jose home

(Thanks to marfie)


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"...she was trying to warm up his little rat junk."

Words fail me.

Dave! Quick! Send 'em your pythons!

I know a lab that could use a couple...

*Joins Annie in the flabbergasted corner*

*gobsmacks Meanie*
Mind the gap, sir.

Send them to Washington? They already have enough rats there. Actually, that is an insult to rats. Rats are adorable.

Why on earth would anyone rescue a rat? Anyone remember a little disease called the plague?

Bring out your dead. But keep your stupid.

Bring out your dead. But keep your stupid.

Speaking of stupid, thanks, Bot.

What's so strange about a woman giving a rodent a blow job?

OC is apparently adopting one for curiousity's sake.

That leaves 999 rodent-type rats on the wall, 999 rodent-type rats...

Hey, if Disney can anthropormorphize a rat into a chef to the tune of million$, why should it surprise anyone that Willard's niece in Arizona is now giving blow jobs to rat junk?

Izzat what they mean by 'slipping him a Mickey?'

Annie, and why wouldn't I!? I want you to know that I serve up a mean dish of rocky mountain oysters. This would cut...ehr, costs.

Where's the pied piper when you need him?

And what the hell does "pied" mean?

*has sudden hankerin' for pie*

Welcome, my friends!

Hey, ShyJan lives right near there ... wonder if her cats help keep the rats away ...

Who gives a rat's @ss, anyway? Or is the junk-breeze lady close enough?

When I was a health inspector, we dealt with the "Rat Lady of PK", a woman who loved and kept "gerbils". Only problem was that anyone else knew them as rats.
They had free range of her kitchen and house and all the free food she could afford.
Luckily, her house was somewhat isolated in a "holler".
Since the only one she was harming was herself, we were stymied.
No one tries to solve a problem they don't have. She thought she had no problem.
Until the day she realized that if she stopped feeding them, her "gerbils" would eat her.

Put me in the speechless category. Both for the people that kept them and the fact that someone is rescuing them. My wife loves this show but is scared to death of mice. I will know when it airs by the bloodcurdling scream.

BTW, isn't there a thousand hungry snakes in the Everglades that would appreciate an easy meal?

RAT: "Don't touch my junk!"

Siouxie, you shouldn't call O.C. Dolphin a rat. Speaking of rats....I was slumming shopping at Walmart tonight and caught the end of an interesting conversation between 2 rednecks in training. One of them said," Darn that does sound like fun! But I don't want to go back to jail again do you?" Long pause. 2nd Redneck: " No I guess not but it would be fun as heck wouldn't it?" I cleaned this up a lot. I'm not sure exactly what they were thinking about doing and I'm not sure I want to know. I have a feeling whatever it is they'll end up doing it anyway.

Cindy? Was one of them holding their beer?

Siouxie,they were on their way to the beer department. I was returning from the milk department,btw.

Speaking of rednecks, I just changed the headlamp in my SUV. Bulb had burned out, so I went to an auto parts store and bought a replacement. Even got a dealer discount at the store 'cuz I'm so durn cute. Took it home, followed directions I found online, and badda-bing - it works. Now I, too, can visit the beer dept of Walmart safely at night.

Now cindy, everybody has to have an art form. Up here you can hear similar conversations amongst Harvard-bred politicians over chardonnay. It's like living in a big rat habitat.

Come to think of it, it might be fun to put some politicians in a big rat maze and shock 'em whenever they reach a dead end.

Yes, those #$!& rats are living within 5 miles of my house. Please please, all out-of-state residents adopt some rats. Lots of rats. I'll help with the shipping.
And, Andy's Pet Shop has just lost my business.

Poor NotSoShyJan. Maybe this will help.

Cuddles doesn't understand the role of a British coroner, we have different rules of engagement and if it was our boys they probably face a full court marshal.

Good idea, nc.
Of course this is more fun.

*Waves to NotSSJ*

Overheard conversation between two Bubbas at a lunch counter outside Houston (yes, we still have them in small towns around here -- lunch counters, that is; the Bubbas are everywhere):

"So I thought to myself, 'Now what do you get a kid with eleven fingers for his birthday?' And then I thought: 'Firecrackers! Perfect!'"

Merciful Heavens, Jan! Such language! Whut will the children ... um ... pups think?

*waves to NotSherly*

*sends OtheU a couple of rats*

Get them out of here!

Send them to Ohio.

Oh, Johnny would have LOTS of fun with rats ... and I think Guinness and Desi would also ... three natural-born rat-slayers if I ever saw one ... or three ... or whutever ...

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